Why You Shouldn’t Use TrueTwit

Updated on September 19, 2018
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Melanie is a social media hyper-user, a viral writer, and an expert on internet culture. She has been writing online since 2007.

Why you should stop using TrueTwit (and how to disable it.)
Why you should stop using TrueTwit (and how to disable it.) | Source

What TrueTwit Does

A few years ago I met TrueTwit for the first time and immediately had trouble understanding why I would want to validate my followers. I signed up to learn more about it (and perhaps you may have done the same), but I left because I couldn't see the purpose of it. If you're not familiar with TrueTwit, it's a third-party Twitter app that automatically sends a direct message to everyone who follows you, with a message like:

So&So uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click here.

The purpose of this app is to make sure that your followers are real. When your follower clicks the link, they're taken to a page where they have to fill out a captcha to prove that they're human.

So why should you ditch TrueTwit? "Let me count the ways."

#1 Why validate your followers?

I understand being selective in who you follow. If you follow everyone under the sun, your feed will be full of links to dodgy sites and really just a bunch of crap that’s of little value to you.

It’s different with followers. These people are your fans. It’s like if the cashier at the theater asked you Leonardo DiCaprio trivia before allowing you entrance to the latest Leo flick. This, of course, would be to prove that you’re truly a fan and not some weirdo who just randomly wants to see a film. (Who does that??)

#2 It's an "anti-spam" tool that spams people

Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black! The purpose of TrueTwit is to make sure spammers and bots don’t follow you, so what does this app do? It’s using bot software to spam your followers.

When I follow a TrueTwit user, our first discourse is his/her Twitter account spamming me. I think we’ll get on well. *sarcasm*

This is what happens when you follow TrueTwit users

The realities of TrueTwit
The realities of TrueTwit | Source

#3 Almost nobody fills out that captcha

When I first came across TrueTwit, I was happy to fill out the little captcha form. Later I realized that there’s nothing in it for me. What is @SoNSo going to do? Block me if I don’t fill it out? It’s not like they’re going to follow me just because I fill out a captcha.

I hate captcha and actually so do a lot of people. It’s hard to read and obnoxious. Back in the day when I was on Blogger, I had comment captcha. The number of comments went up when I disabled it. (And now I’m on WordPress with the Akismet spam filter, so I’m pretty spoiled.)

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#4 It can be hacked

All you need is a de-captcha tool and voila, you can follow anyone and use your OWN bot to fill out TrueTwit captcha. There’s got to be some irony in using a bot to defeat a bot whose purpose is to prevent bots.

Captcha is getting better and better and maybe some de-captcha tools won’t work on the more sophisticated captcha, but do you want to subject your readers to more sophisticated captcha?

Don't punish your followers with captcha like this!
Don't punish your followers with captcha like this!

#5 You can lose followers

TrueTwit's spam is so annoying that some folks will unfollow people who use it. Okay, so that seems a little harsh, but those TrueTwit AutoDMs clog up my inbox so I'm unable to see all the other spam I get.

I personally don't unfollow just because someone uses TrueTwit. But others do.

A blogger's view on receiving TrueTwit messages
A blogger's view on receiving TrueTwit messages | Source

How to get rid of TrueTwit

1. Once you're logged into Twitter, click the gear in the right-hand corner.
2. Click “Settings.”

(Haha, now you can see I don't even bother reading DMs anymore.)
(Haha, now you can see I don't even bother reading DMs anymore.)

3. Click “Apps.” These are the Apps that have access to your Twitter account.

4. Click “Revoke Access” next to TrueTwit (and anything else you no longer use.)

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      • profile image

        Nina Wilson 

        8 months ago

        Single and searching looking for a serious relationship with someone

      • profile image

        Scott Zeman 

        13 months ago

        Thanks, always wondered what that was. Now I know and keep away from it.

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Thanks for this informative article. I was using True Twit until a follower on Twitter sent this article. After reading it I immediately revoked access to True Twit. Thanks again.

      • profile image


        17 months ago

        Every time I get a truetwit DM I go to the user’s page, unfollow them, and block them.

      • profile image

        M Roy 

        18 months ago

        Many thanks Just got sent this - have removed mine plus others i didnt know about . .

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        Thanks for this informative article. I just got a validation request and my first thought was "What is this?" and my first course of action was to google it before doing anything else. I now know to ignore it and never to use it myself. ^^

      • ForLoveofCupcakes profile image

        Jamie Jensen 

        4 years ago from Chicago

        Ugh yeah I hate truetwit! I never go validate; it's not worth my time. Great hub. I hope people read this and revoke access!!

      • anusha15 profile image

        Anusha Jain 

        4 years ago from Delhi, India

        What a silly app this TrueTwit truly is. Thanks for the word of caution :)


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