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Updated on October 21, 2016


There are over more than a hundred million blogs on the internet, and a thousand blogging communities. There are many sites for people to blog - for personal and professional purposes.

There are also revenue-sharing websites like HubPages, WritEdge, and DailyTwo Cents where members can write articles and earn money from them based on the number of page reviews where Google ads are shown. These sites make it easier for people who don't want to create their own websites to earn from writing.

Niume is another addition to the writing community. Originating from London, Niume is planning to change things up for the blogging and writing community. It's not even two years old yet, but it already has a million unique visitors every month.

Now, why does Niume advocate "collaborative blogging" and what's it about?

via Digital Dimons4u
via Digital Dimons4u

Collaborative Blogging

If you visit Niume, you'll realize that it's a more sophisticated version of Google Plus. There are "Spheres" of interests that every user must join (at least 3): culture, travel, literature, movies, etc. When you publish a post, it must be relevant to the sphere where you publish it to - this is how you get views or "hypes" (Niume's version of "likes"). When you visit a Sphere (this is where it starts to look like Google Plus), you can comment on post without clicking to read the entire thing, but you can only click several reactions (thumbs up, thumbs down, bookmark, etc.) if you click to see the entire post.

Each post looks good, though, as it's single-page, without a distracting sidebar. Bloggers are also encouraged to include images in their posts. Collaborative blogging, in Niume, means sharing the posts around the sphere and engaging in discussions and comments.

via Cision
via Cision

Earning at Niume

It's still new, but already, there are more than 30,000 registered users who publish posts on Niume. How do these people earn?

Niume, like many of the other writing websites, pay $1 per 1,000 views. The threshold is $10 and they pay by PayPal. There are certain guidelines to publishing at Niume, but they aren't very strict. The thing to remember, though, is that Niume will disregard any post that is highly commercial (much like HubPages).

Bloggers can link to their websites, but not to specific items with the intent of persuading the readers to buy a product. This makes Niume similar to many writing websites already established. What unique feature does it have?

Professional content creators (those that have a proven track record of posting high quality content on the website) have a chance of getting commissioned to write posts for business and projects. Niume also looks professional, a feature that draws people to read, engage, and communicate.

Niume's platform is reminiscent of Medium. It's easy to use, and easy to read. The single page reading also makes for a more focused reading experience.

Niume also has a referral program that's helpful for both the referred and referrer - the former gets $1 after his/her first post, and the latter gets $1 after the former publishes his/her first post. This is another feature that's unique to Niume, as many referral programs only give monetary incentives to the referrer.

Creating Content at Niume

via Niume
via Niume

Promoting Your Own Blog at Niume

While earning at Niume could certainly draw in users, others are more focused on promoting their business or their own blog at Niume because, after all, Niume is also a social networking site where bloggers can share and interact!

Niume has another feature that bloggers with their own websites will love. Niume allows their users to post a content from their own blog. It can't be a snippet with a "Click here to read the full article", though. And while you won't be able to link to an Amazon product on Niume, you can certainly link back to your website. This is more engaging since Niume is built on the spheres - bloggers won't be publishing to a general audience, but to a circle of like-minded people who will find the article or post more relevant.

You can even link back to your own HubPages site or your personal blog, which makes Niume an interesting tool to spread social media presence.

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