Your Favorite Scene Queens: Where Are They Now?

Updated on December 4, 2014

Where are they now?

We all loved them. Well, at least the kids of my generation, who worshiped Myspace religiously between the years of 2005-2011. A scene queen is a model of the scene fashion, who became very famous via social media such as They often were seen pushing the limits of preppy style; featuring colored and teased hair, clothing that stood out, and dark makeup. It was a style trend that bordered on what has come to be known as "emo" style. However, this trend seems to have deteriorated as the teens sporting it grew up. And with that, people wonder, where did these fashion inspirations ever go after leaving Myspace? Well, here is your answer!

Audrey Kitching: Then


Audrey Kitching first gained fame around 2005 as a petite alternative model with iconic hot pink tresses. But her career started much sooner than that. When she was only fourteen, she was found in a hair salon and offered newspaper modeling jobs. One modeling job that she held gained lots of recognition, entitled "Trashy Life." This was a series of photo shoots completed alongside friend and fellow model Zui Suicide. She was known for not only vibrant hair, but wild clothing choices such as tutus and children's tiaras; both of which came to later be known as scene girl staples for both professional and fan scene girls. Most of what this inspiring young woman was known for in Myspace days was related to her work as a model.

Audrey Kitching: Now

Audrey still rocks her signature pink hair, except more pastel. Her career has matured just as much as she has! She has modeled in designer Jared Gold's Czarina runway show and advertised for shoe brand Irregular Choice among several other prestigious modeling gigs. Her most well known profession as of yet is her work as a style editor for Buzznet. She has gained more than just fan attention, and has furthered her career to be extremely accredited in the fashion world as a model, editor and designer.

Lexi Lush: Then


Lexi Lush was a teen modeled famed through Myspace. She had a huge following, with a growing list of friends on her list at the time. She was know for her love of Hello Kitty, Barbie, Care Bears, and My Little Pony. Her extremely pink room and growing collections of the trademarks listed above garnered a lot of fame and curiosity. Her long lasting, romantic relationship with her boyfriend Mattie became inspiring for teen girls around the world. She often emphasized being yourself no matter what judgments society passed. As for her fashion, she often wore extremely vibrant colors, patterns and prints. She is known for not only rocking a unique fashion, but hand making many pieces of it, and creating elaborate self-completed photo shoots at home to match. At the time, she often had online battles with another scene queen named Cori Shea, who often copied Lexi's lifestyle. No matter what she was wearing, Lexi rocked it.

Lexi Lush: Now


Lexi Lush has since gone through numerous name changes including Lexi Bee and Cupcake.As of current, Cupcake continues to keep up with unique fashion trends by both wearing and creating items for her shop, Bubblegum Planet. She is also sponsored by numerous clothing lines including HauteLook and Gloomth. However, her style has gone darker than usual. She can now be seen in tons of black. Following the tragic death of her boyfriend, she has become a vision for recovery and strength. She can be spotted at raves and working on new fashions!

Verena Schizophrenia: Then

Verena Schizophrenia was known as a beautiful German scene queen on Myspace. She always had a combination of blue and black hair, and flawless makeup. She even was known to branch off and do a hair and makeup tutorial or two back in the day. She often wrote in a combination of English and German. Much like other scene queens, she had an appreciation for overly colored clothing.

Verena Schizophrenia: Now

Verena no longer sticks to strictly blue hair. She has been seen sporting purple and even green shades of hair since her Myspace days. She continues to make many Youtube videos; mostly focusing on costume makeup tutorials such as a zombie mermaid or her take on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. She is still seen as a fashion icon, but with a more modern and stylish approach to clothing nowadays.

Dani Gore: Then

Dani Gore was famed for her beauty and darker take on scene fashion. Wearing things such as spiders and skulls, she walked the line between scene queen and Gothic goddess.

Dani Gore: Now

Dani Gore now goes by her birth name, Dani Artaud. She gained much more fame when she joined up with her two best friends, Melissa and Alison Greene to form a band called Millionaires. While the Millionaires are still making music today, Dani disbanded from them to pursue other career paths. She is now in a band called Mr. Downstairs. She has left behind her Gothic looking past to become a much more vibrant model.

The list of beautiful scene queens that dominated Myspace in the beginning of the new century is endless. While some seem to have disappeared off of the face of the Earth, others are making names for themselves in other places; just proving that hard work and social media can help boost your career!

Did you have a Myspace between 2005-2011?

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