How to Make a Shopping Haul Video for YouTube - A Quick Guide

Updated on August 6, 2017

Haul videos are easy and fun to film. It’s a great way of showing your subscribers and followers your personal style, how you shop and what your favourite stores are. Most of the top gurus on YouTube film haul videos. Many people love watching these videos – they can get ideas for stores to check out, what the current trends are and which places have the best bargains. So doing a haul video is not only simple to do, it’ll get you some new viewers too!

This article will give you tips on how to create your own shopping haul video.

So, what exactly is a Haul Video?

The concept is pretty simple – whenever you go on a shopping spree (both online and in-store), you film a video showing what goodies you bought. Haul videos can be filmed at any time of the year, but many YouTubers do these videos when they bought items on sale (especially on trips overseas and sales such as ‘Black Friday’, Christmas and other holidays). The items that can be shown in a haul video include:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories (eg. handbags, jewelry)
  • Shoes
  • Makeup and Cosmetics
  • Books
  • Art and Craft supplies
  • Room décor items (Eg posters, desk lamps, furniture)
  • Souvenirs from another country
  • computer/technical equipment
  • video games
  • even snacks!

Tips for creating your own Haul Video:

1) Have an area set up for filming. Make sure that the lighting is adequate – not enough light will make the video dark. It is often best to film these during the day, using natural sunlight, but if this isn’t possible, use desk lamps to help improve the lighting situation.

2) Put your camera on a flat surface, or a tripod if available. You can also use the webcam on your computer to film your haul video, once it is of good quality. You can sit at a desk or on a chair, facing the camera, or even on the floor. You can even have someone else film the video for you! Do a few test videos to check if the camera position is fine, and that the microphone is working. Once you’re satisfied, you’re ready to film!

3) Speak in a clear voice, and look directly at the camera. Smile often and crack a few jokes throughout the video - you don’t want to come across as boring or serious to your viewers! Make sure that you’re comfortable with being in front of a camera. You can do a few test videos beforehand, practicing what you’re going to say. You can start out the video by greeting the viewers ( a simple “Hello everyone!”), then you can give a quick description of your shopping trip. You can give a list of the stores that you visited, and if there were any special discounts or in-store events happening while you were there, such as giveaways. Act as if you’re talking directly to one of your friends – this trick will make you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. If you think it would help, write some keywords of things you’d like to mention on a small piece of paper, and pin it somewhere where you can glance at it quickly, such as the camera tripod, or on the wall surface behind the camera or computer.


4) Show off the products you got! You can hold them up to the camera to show more detail. You can also mention why you bought each item, the price, and if you got any special discounts. When making a haul video, it is a good idea to keep all of your bills and receipts – this will help you remember which item came from which store.

5) If you don’t feel comfortable giving the exact names of stores or malls that are located close to where you live, you can simply say that you bought them from a local store. Remember the rules of the Internet – don’t share too much of your personal information!

6) For a twist, you can add some footage of you shopping in the store or in the mall! These can be either video clips or photographs.


7) Did you and your best friend go shopping together? Film a video of you and your friend talking about the shopping trip! It’ll be more fun to do, and you can introduce your friend to your YouTube channel and viewers.

8) Use a video editing program to clean up your video, and make it look more professional. It is rather exciting to film your own haul video, and you’d want to upload it as quickly as you can, but it’s better to spend a little time editing it, so you can publish a video with better quality. Most computers come with pre-installed editing software – for Apple computers it is iMovie, and for Microsoft, it is Windows Movie Maker. These are both very simple to use. If there are any parts in your video that you don’t want in the finished product, you can simply cut them out. Plus, you can add in special effects such as captions and floating text. (Example: whenever you hold up an item to the camera, you can have a caption with the name of the store you got it from, and what price it was)

9) If you have a blog or social network page that you would like your YouTube viewers to check out, you can create a short clip to put either at the beginning or end of the video, with the URL and a short message. If your subscribers enjoyed your video, they’ll be sure to check out your blog! This is a great way to build an audience, and get traffic to your other pages!

10) If you want feedback from your video, film yourself thanking the viewers for watching, and to leave a question or comment for you to read in the comments section on your video. Some people will be sure to ask for the exact link for the product you bought, so be prepared for that.

Happy filming!


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      2 years ago from The High Seas

      I didn't even know that this was a thing. Huh. Thanks for introducing me to it.


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