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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

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Many people use multiple Gmail accounts these days. It might be a good idea to have two or more separate accounts since Google uses the same login info for all their services. For example, you could have an account for personal use and another one for work; or, you could use one Google account for your AdWords campaigns and only login to it from secure locations, while using a different account at internet cafes while traveling.

Switching between Google accounts manually to check your e-mail is time-consuming and ineffective. Thankfully, there are some tools to check multiple Gmail accounts all at once and switch between them with a single click. Furthermore, Google themselves have provided a cool feature that allows you to link accounts together. You will find five different ideas for managing your Gmail accounts on the page below.

Send e-mails from any of them without having to switch

Gmail has a nice feature that allows you to send e-mails from any of your accounts without having to switch between them. So, for example, you could link all your multiple Gmail accounts to your "main" one and send e-mails from there without having to log off and log in repeatedly.

Send e-mails from any address you own without having to log out.

Send e-mails from any address you own without having to log out.

A dropdown menu will allow you to choose the "From" address easily.

A dropdown menu will allow you to choose the "From" address easily.

All you have to do is to login to your "main" account and click the gear icon. From there, navigate to Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another email address you own. The image above illustrates the steps. After you add the account(s) you want, you will be able to specify which account you want to send the e-mail from whenever you are in the Compose Mail mode, as seen on the image to the right. That's it, now your Gmail accounts are linked together, and you can send e-mails from any of them without having to switch users!

Gmail Manager makes it easy to check and switch between different accounts.

Gmail Manager makes it easy to check and switch between different accounts.

#2. Switch Between Gmail Accounts Quickly

Check multiple Gmail accounts at the same time

You are going to need Firefox for this (sorry, IE and Chrome users). And, as you might have guessed already, we'll be using an extension. The best Firefox plugin to manage multiple Gmail accounts is by far the Gmail Manager. It goes without saying that it's open-source and free to use. Here's what Gmail Manager does:

  • Remembers your Gmail account passwords and logs on them automatically on browser startup, if you want it to.
  • Notifies you whenever you receive new e-mails to any of your Gmail accounts. You can of course turn off notifications if you want to. And you can choose how often it will check for e-mails, too.
  • Allows you to switch between multiple Gmail accounts with a few clicks. First select the Gmail account that you want to switch to from the status bar, then left-click on it. Done!
  • If you mouse over the Gmail Manager on the status bar, it will show you the latest statistics of the currently selected Gmail account (new messages in inbox, labels, etc).

You can download the Gmail Manager from the official Mozilla addons site or straight from the developer's webpage. Switching between your Google accounts using this add-on is a cinch!

#3. Enable Google Multiple Sign-in

Now you can use multiple Google accounts simultaneously!

Google has a feature called multiple sign-in that makes using several Google accounts at once much easier. It works for Gmail as well as some other products. It won't work for things like AdWords and Blogger.

Simply login to Gmail and click the e-mail link located at the top right corner of your screen. A dropdown menu will open, which will show your current account as well as an "Add account" button. Click said button and follow the steps, inputting the username and password for your secondary account.

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Now every time you click the e-mail or your photo at the top of any Google product page—including Gmail—the dropdown menu will open, allowing you to quickly switch between saved Google accounts. It is possible to add or remove accounts from the list whenever you want.

This will allow you to check two different Gmail inboxes in two browser tabs without having to sign off and on, or use any other supported Google product in this manner. You will also be able to switch between accounts with one click. If you attempt to use a product that does not yet support Google's multiple sign-in feature, your default username will be used.

#4. Forward Secondary Gmail Accounts to Your Main One

Receive messages from multiple e-mail accounts in a single inbox

Perhaps instead of signing in to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time, you would prefer to simply read all your messages in a single inbox. This is fairly easy to accomplish: all you have to do is forward all your "secondary" Gmail accounts to your "primary" one.

To do that, login to the account you want to forward and access the Settings using the gear icon. Navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and click the "Add a forwarding address" button. Type in your main e-mail and hit "Next". You're almost set, all you have to do is click the confirmation link in the message that Google just sent to the address you entered.

And if you are one of the last people who are still using a desktop e-mail client, you can also take advantage Gmail's POP settings (same tab) to simply receive all your mail from multiple addresses in your Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, or other program of your choice.

Here's how to forward a Gmail account.

Here's how to forward a Gmail account.

#5. Set Up Delegation to Use a Single Login for Several Accounts

Log in once to access and manage multiple Gmail accounts

An alternative way of joining several Gmail accounts is called delegation. It works by allowing another Google account to read your e-mails and send messages from your address. The messages you send using this method will have your name attached to them in the "From" field like this: Your Name (sent by Delegate).

To grant delegate access to another Google account, open up your Settings and go to the Accounts and Import tab. Look for Grant access to your account section towards the bottom, and click the "Add another account" link next to it. Enter the Gmail you want to give access to, and click "Next Step". Now, the owner of said account (whether it's you or someone else) needs to check their inbox for a confirmation e-mail and click the link provided to gain access.

Granting delegate access in Gmail.

Granting delegate access in Gmail.

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Questions & Answers

Question: How do I delete my second Gmail address and keep my first one?

Answer: Sign in with the account you want to delete (make sure it's the right one) at and click the "Delete your account or services" link on the rightmost column. Follow the instructions from there.

Question: How do I delegate to more than 15 Gmail accounts for my class?

Answer: I don't believe there's a limit to the number of accounts you can be a delegate for. You could, however, use G Suite (free for schools) to fully manage Gmail and other Google products for your class.

Question: If I delete one of my two Gmail accounts that are linked will I still receive emails addressed to my deleted account at my remaining account?

Answer: If a Gmail account is deleted, so is any forwarding. Anyone emailing a deleted account will get a message saying such an email does not exist. However, there's a couple week grace period during which you can restore your account if you wish - after that it's gone forever.

Question: How do I create a Gmail account for me, because it always opens with my grandsons'?

Answer: Click the avatar (rounded icon) in the top-right corner of the screen. A menu should open up with a button that says "Add account." After pressing "Add account," you will be taken to a page with a Sign in form, and a link that says "Create account." The latter is what you want.

Question: How do I create a second Gmail email address?

Answer: Open your existing Gmail and click your avatar at the top right corner of the screen. Click the "Add account" button, then the "Create account" link.

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What I am wondering about, does Google have a limit on the number of Gmail accounts that an individual is allowed to have?

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and for any insight that you may provide.

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What can I do to recover my old voice number?

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If I have a gmail account that is going to be deleted because I am graduating, is there a way to have all old emails moved to a new gmail account except for forwarding each individual email?

Andrew Po (author) on April 20, 2012:

@anonymous: This should help:

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Hi - on a related note, i have two gmail addresses, I no longer use one of them. how do i get rid of it and keep the other?

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ThanQ its very very useful to us,

But its every time sign in other mails,

is it there without sign in other mails use onley primary mail.

anonymous on April 05, 2012:

There is an easier way to have multiple gmail (and other Google apps) windows open simultaneously. No need to set up anything in any Google options.

I open Chrome and I log into my "primary" (first) gmail account. Then I click my account name in the upper right hand corner of the window and select "Switch account". In the new window, I select "Sign into another account". I use the Last Pass plugin to generate and store all my account log data. It offers me a laundry list of Google sign ins to auto fill the sign in with; I select another gmail account and it immediately opens in a new window. Now I go back to my "primary" account gmail window and repeat to open another gmail account. It does not work for me to try to use the newly opened gmail window, only the primary account one. I repeat to open up four gmail windows. The same work around opens Google Reader, and the Google Accounts help forum too. These six windows into Google seem to stay open for about 10 days or so, through my computer sleeping overnight, and the occasional complete power down, no need to log in again. Then, for reasons I can not deduce, after 10-14 days, I will return to find that all Google windows have been automatically signed out. You may not sign in to those signed out windows, Google blocks any attempts I have tried. You must close them all, open a new gmail window, sign into the primary gmail account, and repeat the above procedure exactly as written. It's really quick if you use Last Pass. There is no need to forward mail. To the best of my memory, I never "linked" the accounts. For the final touch, go to Google Labs and download the app that notes the number of unread emails in an account as a tiny number on the Chrome tabs (also reports unread items in Google Reader). A quick glance at the tabs tells you all you want to know. I also use their "Undo Send" app.

Google blocks every other method that I have tried to get multiple windows to open and stay open. When word of this workaround gets to them, I suspect that they will block it too. In the meanwhile, enjoy the good service!

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