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Tmart Review—Don't Buy from Tmart until You Read This!

Updated on February 09, 2015

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Review of Tmart, a Chinese company that offers inexpensive products with free shipping.
Review of Tmart, a Chinese company that offers inexpensive products with free shipping. | Source

Tmart Review

Tmart is an online electronics store based in China. If you've come across it online, you may be curious—is it legit? My name is Rick, and I wanted to share my experiences with Tmart because when I first saw its website, I had the exact same question.

I was looking for some parts to repair my Apple iPhone after I'd dropped it and smashed the screen (again!). I had bought one before from eBay, but it wasn't cheap, so I thought I'd shop around a bit more this time. After some Googling, I came across the Tmart site. At first I was a bit dubious about it, because the online electronics store is based in China—not exactly convenient for shipping. From my experience on eBay, the postage on purchases from other countries is usually enormous—or you are left with a customs excise bill to pay on the postage when the sender had not paid enough. But I was surprised to see the postage was correct and that some items even ship for free.

Tmart.com Online Store vs. eBay.com—No Contest

When I first arrived on the site, the layout reminded me very much of the eBay or Amazon format (of course, both sites are huge, so why not copy their successes?). You can navigate through the various categories, which include electronics, cellphones, health and beauty products, and many more besides. There is also a clearance section to with items up to 80 percent off—though needless to say, the iPhone replacement screen was not in this section!

I found the screen I was seeking for around £10 (roughly $15 US) with free postage. I also found a replacement battery for the phone, which I had been searching for on eBay at the time. On eBay, I could not find a replacement battery for less that £12 plus postage (about £3 if I remember right). I was astonished to see the exact same battery on Tmart for £3.06 with free postage! No brainer there!

So I purchased the two items and paid with PayPal.

In addition to Tmart's cheap prices, whenever you purchase anything from their website, you earn points. These can be redeemed against items you purchase in the future, making them even cheaper! Why can't eBay offer this? (Greed.)

My items arrived 10 days later, well-wrapped and as described. Now my phone is fixed once again—until I drop it yet another time.


I played the role of Sherlock in investigating whether Tmart is a legitimate website.
I played the role of Sherlock in investigating whether Tmart is a legitimate website. | Source

Before making my purchase, I did my due diligence. I Googled Tmart and read through many reviews. The two most common complaints were customer service and quality.

For customer service, there is no support number. The only two ways to get in touch is by email and through their live support feature. Most reviews said that they received a prompt reply to emails, but the English is sometimes hard to understand and the responses were sometimes unhelpful.

In terms of quality, a few users did not receive what they expected. Some products were made of a cheaper plastic than purchasers had been led to believe, and some electronics malfunctioned with time. That was not my experience. However, if it is yours, document the problem (with photographs and messages sent through a PayPal dispute). PayPal's Purchase Protection will cover you if the item does not match its description.

Tmart's Email

Tmart does not list an email on its website. However, it is possible to contact them via email through PayPal. See the steps below.

How to Contact Tmart through PayPal/File a Dispute if Necessary

  1. Log into the PayPal site.
  2. Click "Payments Sent" to find your transaction with Tmart that's in question.
  3. Next to this transaction, click "Details."
  4. In the "Business Contact Information," you will see Tmart's email. You can use this to communicate with customer service.

To File a Dispute

To file a dispute, you can either:

  1. Follow the four steps above. Click "File a Dispute" at the bottom of the seller information page.

  2. See PayPal's overview of the process. Click on the first step listed ("Open Dispute") and log in to PayPal to fill in the information pertaining to your dispute.

Pros and Cons of Tmart

The pros and cons of Tmart.
The pros and cons of Tmart. | Source


On the whole, it's not a bad site. Reseller Ratings give the company an overall rating of 7.6, and on each of these sites, you can see the company trying to handle each concern. However, the negatives (below, in the "Cons" section), are not to be ignored. First, here are some positive comments posted on review sites around the web:

  • Liu Wang Geng on Yahoo! Answers: "At first I wasn't sure about ordering online from a company from out of state, but they have the best prices and they don't charge shipping for most orders so I thought I would give them a try. My first order was shipped from their warehouse in the United States and it came in 2 days I was surprised when it came in the mail. The other products came within 7-10 days which is normal for a out of state company. I would like to keep this website my own little secret and not tell anyone but I have to share this with everyone I know.... Keep up the good work...Tmart"
  • Straydogger9 on Reseller Ratings: "Bought my first item, a NUX OD-3 Overdrive guitar pedal, from Tmart and wasn't sure what to expect. Shipped from US warehouse and arrived in 5 days. A little slow but no problems. Works as it should with no problems. $16 including shipping. $40 anywhere else! I will buy from them again for sure."
  • Gabor P. on Jabber: "I have signed up on Tmart for a year and I have ordered from Tmart up to now more than 10 times, more than 30 items. Finally I can say that I am satisfied with the quality of the items and with the support service also. They are very helpful, fast, and friendly. Therefore I recommend them."


Again, the negative reviews focused on customer service and quality. Here are a few examples of what people had to say that highlight both problems:

  • Lyss on Yahoo! Answers: "Well, I have ordered many things from TMart. All of which were small items. I ordered some tattoo supplies for about 30.00, then some phone cases for about 20.00. I ordered about 5 different orders over a 3 month span. 2 orders out of those we're "lost". When I asked for tracking, they told me that there was no tracking because it has free shipping. I used their online chat. The next person gave me shipping and said it was shipped through FedEx. I contacted FedEx. There was no such tracking and no such package..."
  • Gpradasilva6 on Reseller Ratings: "Quality of products tends to vary a lot."
  • Jeff R. on Jabber: "When my order came the watch inside was in an unsealed package and missing parts. No batteries, no insides (like the watch mechanism). Only had the band, back and plastic front panel. No watch 'guts' itself whatsoever $6! Customer service was not help to come to a resolution. I recommend to stay away. After many complaints to the company (TMart), and filing a dispute with PayPal I did finally receive a 'working' watch. I will never buy from them again."

In Conclusion, Mr. Watson: Is Tmart a Fraud?

According to my research and experience, Tmart's services rival, and sometimes surpass, eBay's.
According to my research and experience, Tmart's services rival, and sometimes surpass, eBay's. | Source

I would fully recommend Tmart, not only based on value but also on the level of service. In general, I think there is less risk of fraud on Tmart than there is on large sites such as eBay. To find cheaper items on eBay, you run the risk of dealing with time-wasting scammers or generally dodgy dealers. Because of its size, eBay has attracted a number of people looking to make quick money off of a scam. Often as of late, both buyers and sellers on eBay have been victims of fraudulent practices—buyers not receiving the expected item or sellers sending in perfectly good items only to face a claim that it was "broken"—and how can they prove otherwise? And in dealing with these problems and more, eBay seems to have fallen short in the customer service department.

When I consider Tmart's competition, I feel that I can recommend the company. It offers prices lower than can be found at eBay at less risk. However, as the negative reviews show, I would be vigilant about keeping records on what I buy and wouldn't be afraid to turn to PayPal if Tmart doesn't deliver.


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    • True2012 4 years ago

      not the best but is a good choice to buy Gadgets .

    • SHAMEONTMART 4 years ago

      Tmart is a fraud, they charge your credit card and they do not deliver, customer service is bad they don't fix their mistakes, their job is mostly to post misleading positive feedback reviews to mislead potential costumers. they may use your credit card information because the tmart.com website is not secure , all their employes has access to your information. as your informations are not safe and secure. read the real reviews before you buy from Tmart and don't be fooled by reviews that are posted by their employees.If you like to hear lies then contact their customer service .

    • SHAMEONTMART 4 years ago

      @True2012: Yes, if you like to risk your credit card information then use Tmart.com

    • dynamoo profile image

      dynamoo 4 years ago

      @SHAMEONTMART: Ouch -sounds like you had a bad experience with them? Whilst of course you are very welcome to your own opinion you are however incorrect -I am not employed by t-mart! I had no issues nor have I since had any issues regarding my credit card and tmart. I have used them several times since I wrote this lens and would happily use them again.

    • hula-hup-54 4 years ago

      here you can find Tmart coupons or you can rate the company

    • malablondi 4 years ago

      @SHAMEONTMART: You can use top up credit card to avoid it.

    • smnixon99 4 years ago

      I have not received my order yet, but thought I will fill you in on my experience thus far.

      I inquired about an mp3 player prior to purchase and asked a few questions via chat. (convenient). They told me they have a warehouse in NJ and I would receive it in 5-7 days. I paid extra for a tracking number so when I received it by contacting them and noted it ended in CN(china)..you can imagine my disappointment. Now I have to wait for it to be shipped from overseas. That's not what really bugs me though. I saved my chats, for insurance you could say, yet I just went to print them out and now they have been erased somehow. The windows still open but blank, which didn't happen until I told them I still had the previous chats when I messaged them questioning why it didn't ship from NJ. I will let you know when/if it comes in.

      I feel they mislead me to get the sale, I only hope they make up for it with timely shipping and a good product.

    • theswede1313 4 years ago

      @SHAMEONTMART: Amen brother. I'm going through the same thing. I placed an order with a pre-paid VISA for safety reasons and my card was denied, so I contacted the card company to see what the problem was. They said there's no problem, they've authorized your card for $77.89. When I got online 2 days later to track my 1-day delivery order (at an additional $25)...no order existed, but I'm missing $77.89 on my card. When I got on their online "chat" line, no order existed, but I'm still out money. I wasted my whole lunch hour on that BS. I tried again after i got off work and stayed on hold for an hour. When I finally "talked" to someone on the opposite end of a keyboard, they were as much help as the previous keyboard. I said, at this point, just unauthorize the charge on my card and i will take my business elsewhere. Funny no one ever responded. I guess my next step is to contact my credit card company. Thanks Shame for letting everyone know about the unsecure website before I used an account that they could potentially clean out for thousands of dollars and not just a hundred dollar pre-paid.

    • sstrangy-vip 4 years ago

      i´m still waitin since one month. and no answer on my email. i´m from germany. but it´s not a so long way. but paypal send my money back. so i have no problem and better buy my stuff in germany or ebay/amazon

    • kestas-mankauskas 4 years ago

      Do not buy anything from Tmart.com. They cheat, send poor quality items, or even inactive

    • mandybcph 4 years ago

      @kestas-mankauskas: I agree I bought somethings from them for my children for Christmas and they stole money off my card they are awful we have 6 children and they just ruined Christmas for our kids they stole our Christmas money times are hard enough we thought we were getting savings instead we got cheated out of our Christmas! This company is awful and Should not be purchased from they should be ashamed!!!!!!

    • justme4 4 years ago

      All these reviews by ACTUAL CUSTOMERS are too bad! I just found the tmart website today and thought that it was a really good idea. However, I have learned to always, always research a company b4 buying from them online. It's too bad that there are this many unsatisfied customers because now I REFUSE to buy anything from tmart. There are hundreds of complaints online. Tmart, it's not the CUSTOMER'S FAULT about the reviews. CLEAN IT UP! I REALLY wanted to buy from this website at first.... but I guess if it's too good to be true...

    • gripeon123 4 years ago

      T-Mart are a joke! I ordered some suitcase scales from these morons in October knowing I'd be needing them for a holiday on the 22nd December - well in advance I hear you say! Yes, I thought so too.

      Having ordered these on the 13th October 2012 they finally arrived November the 20th ??? When I opened the package - the pre-packed batteries were corroded and had leaked acid everywhere, I then tested the unit to which it didn't work the package was damaged indicating it was crap that someone else had returned.

      I then tell T Mart this to which they offer to send another replacement - WHICH THEY CLAIM THEY DID and asked me to wait 20 more days for delivery, which I did. Having not received it by the 14th December I then put the tracking number into the courier's website to which I was told there was no such package?! I then told T Mart and NO they didn't get a new one delivered to my door by first class courier because I as the customer had been let down not once but twice by these idiots, not to mention waiting almost two months for something that didn't arrive.

      What they did do was refund my money, bless them!



    • iiluvmysoldier 4 years ago

      My experience has been good so far. I received my MP3 in 2 weeks(which is what I normally give a company before calling) and now I have ordered another 3 things that I'm currently waiting to get to me, but if anything changes I will def come back to let yall know.

    • murtle 4 years ago

      I ordered 2 Xbox controllers on 27th november - I've chased the order and been told it will arrive after Christmas and that postage for the return of the items is only paid if it takes over 45 days! I was originally told on 28th nov that it would arrive in 9-15 working days. If I had known how bad they are at Tmart I would have paid the extra and used amazon. I now have been to the post office (they told me to) and will also have to go shopping today to buy these controllers - total cost much more than if I had used Amazon.

    • mark-starr-583 4 years ago

      I cannot believe none of the mutually unsatisfied customers haven't reported Tmart to the Better Business Bureau

    • mem1st 4 years ago

      Theres no way I'll ever buy from Tmart again...I placed a order and in a couple of days I got a tracking number so I watched it until it said delivered and that's where the trouble started., because it was delivered to Zebulon North Carolina and I live in Indiana so I went to Tmart.com and checked my billing and shipping address and it was correct so I started contacting Tmart service and 3 weeks later and I don't know any more on if or when I'll receive the stuff I ordered. I'm so tired of telling them I don't live in North Carolina

    • mem1st 4 years ago

      @gripeon123: I agree with your comments. I would sure like to talk to them on the phone to blow off some steam

    • SipJersey 4 years ago

      WARNING - DO NOT EMAIL TMART in China. My account was hacked from South Korea right after I sent them an email about their crappy product.

      Purchased a camera pen. DOA. Chatted with China in broken English. Absolutely NO HELP. When I entered their chat mode and no one was there in China to answer, I was given the option to send the comments by email. DO NOT DO IT. YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT WILL GET HACKED. Everyone in my address book was sent spam. Yahoo notified me that a different I.P. address had logged into my account.

      IMO, stay far away from this company. Have no idea if my C.C. has been compromised.

    • misty-wisdom1 4 years ago

      @mem1st: i placed an order 35 days ago and i have only received half of it. I am having a hard time getting through email. and live chat is not available. I wont order from T Mart any more. i found tinydeals.com Pretty cool place. probably same owner lol but i haven't had no issues with my orders and free delivery.

    • misty-wisdom1 4 years ago

      @mem1st: lol me too

    • misty-wisdom1 4 years ago

      @Stroberryncream: well don't order a Tablet or cell if you're in the U.S.A. Cause it arrives in Chinese and German Grrrrrrrrrrrrr WOW its useless..........

    • rudymags 4 years ago

      @SipJersey: I,too, ordered from Tmart and lo & behold, my email account got hacked big time! I ordered from them, then, when I did not get my order, emailed them. They said they needed an order number cause they did not have anything on their records that I ordered something. Luckily I found that number in my 'trash can' mail & resent that email. I finally got my order...but they managed to get my email hacked!!! Nuts to Tmart!!

    • iiluvmysoldier 3 years ago

      I am still waiting for part two of my item it said shipped and it has been at the Hong Kong assortment field. I emailed them to let them know and ask for an update ...but they tell me they can't track the order because its coming from Hong Kong ... and to wait another 36 to 45 days. Its been coming to me since December 26, 2012 it is now January 20 :( My hubby comes home all week and ask me did his Kindle come in yet .. I really hope they don't disappointment now as I had a few good past experiences with them.

    • iiluvmysoldier 3 years ago

      @SipJersey: Kindle fire case**

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      T-Mart is located in Brooklyn, NY as well as China. It's a great scam as to ignore returns, warranties, and when they ship the wrong item. You may get lots of BS in emails but they never come through. I will bad mouth them whenever and wherever I can. The are the lowest of the low and give good Chinese vendors a bad name. It's better to pay more and deal with someone who stands by the products they sell.

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @mem1st: Here's their phone number 347-566-1666

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      I posted T-Mart's phone number before but here it is again. It would be great if everyone reading this calls and calls the SOB's.


    • frank-losasso 3 years ago

      @robert-allocca: You can rest assure I will be calling those SOBs I had a very terrible experience when I purchase something from that site the site is nothing but a big scam I hope a lot of people read this and take our advice and thank you so much for the telephone number

    • GSPanwar 3 years ago

      Thanx 4 all the comments posted by all the users on this because all of you have just stopped me from buying through tmart.com. But one thing i want to know is that anyone seller in the market which sells at a lowest cost similar to tmart.com but at a good service.


      Ghanshyam singh panwar

    • GSPanwar 3 years ago

      Maybe it's possible that tmart.com sends some kind of coding that hacks ur IP address & any websites that u visits, you just see an advertisement of tmart.com on all those visited websites which is happening to me from the first when i have gone through tmart.com

      Don't know what & why it is happening to me. You all, please be aware & spread this message to others as possible.


      Ghanshyam singh panwar

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @GSPanwar: Searching is a must. I usually buying from Amazon.com. I have never had a problem with returning any product and credit or replacement is instant. The Vendors who sell through Amazon do not want bad feedback and Amazon gives them volume selling. Give them a look.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      @GSPanwar: I found eBay.com the place to be. Not dot au ( In Australia we pay too much.....). I have had lots of transactions, including Hong Kong, USA, etc. Never a problem but T mart, God help you ! Pricing varies. We have no import restrictions, not sure in your case. Good luck

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @richard-benfatto: Sorry to hear of your Royal Screwing. The only thing to do is find websites and write your story. Don't forget Facebook, they have a page there. I posted their phone number here but it's a waste of time. eBay is good if you're very careful of who you deal with. T-Mart and other scumbags also sell on eBay, and don't forget they can and do change their names.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      @robert-allocca: Robert, thanks, grazie, I will try this avenue.............or at least get Fedex in HK to try to find out where they are. Goods are stuck in Fedex depot HK.

      Lucky I paid with Pay Pal and I put a claim. I have had dramas with China a few times via eBay and having paid with Pay Pal I got all back. I have also done deals with China that went well. But I can see it is better to deal with a combination of eBay and Pay Pal.

      I bought Calvin Klein undies from a Chec Republic guy via eBay. These were sent them from China and never arrived. Two weeks later of my purchase the Chec guy got banned from eBay due to copyright infrigments. eBay offered to recover money via Pay Pal and I got the money back. But 2 months down the track, goods turned up !. Shipped from China but the goods are made in Israel !. Genuine Calvin Kleins for US Dollars 4.90 each............

    • sergey-semenov-1000 3 years ago

      Just got a new violin from Tmart...The bow arrived dented, requested to replacement and got Tmarts respond: go and buy a new bow at your local music store (costs around $60+) and we will refund you $3.50>>>What's the joke!!! AWEFUL company, don't buy anything from these scam-bags.

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @sergey-semenov-1000: Stop credit card payment. Keep spreading the word what pieces of crap they are. They are on FaceBook, but sure to post there.

    • sergey-semenov-1000 3 years ago

      already got posted some good words on their FB...hahaha

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      @robert-allocca: Well, the biggest drama now is that even Pay Pal believes them more than me and almost against me. CAN YOU PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT ?????????

      Is Pay Pal transforming into shit as well ?????????

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @richard-benfatto: eBay which owns PayPay are both crap. It's about the money with them. They make tons of money with Vendors so the little guys [like us] don't mean anything to them. We're screwed because they are a necessary evil. I find myself using Amazon more and more. Paying a little more without getting screwed works for me.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      Tmart and Pay Pal. PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND:


      Hello Richard Benfatto,

      We have concluded our investigation into the following claim:

      Seller's Name: Tmart

      Seller's Email: Paypal@tmart.com

      Seller's Transaction ID: 7H172610TL882825F

      Transaction Date: 27 Dec 2012

      Transaction Amount: -$205.31 AUD

      Your Transaction ID: 8PB97918MU347825B

      Case Number: PP-002-188-084-224

      Buyer's Transaction ID: 8PB97918MU347825B

      The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to

      confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the

      case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

      We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Yours sincerely,

      Protection Services Department

      PayPal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activities. Your complaint has

      been noted in the record of the PayPal member you reported. If we find this

      member has violated our policies, we will investigate and take appropriate

      action. If this occurs, you may be contacted in the future about the status

      of this complaint.


      I have officials emails from Fedex in Hong Kong with the name of the person who signed on behalf of Tmart and I have given all this to Pay Pal.

      Can you believe this????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have closed my account with Pay Pal and when I had to put reasons, I said :" Pay Pal is a bunch of crooks".

      You cannot trust Pay Pal outcomes either.

    • Aaronsky profile image

      Aaronsky 3 years ago

      it's nice to buy something from Tmart. I find it cheap, high quality and worldwide free shipping. And it can be paid by Pay Pal , very convenient!

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      Aronsky, you just may be one of the lucky ones. There are too many complaints and although there may be a few that are not wrong, the majority cannot be wrong. I for one got the delaying, repetitive BullCrap emails asking for the same information over and over, and then asking for me to be patient. It's part of their tactic to run the clock out so you cannot get you money back from PayPal/Credit Card Co. I suggest you buy something expensive from T-Mart and then ask to return it. I'd like to hear the outcome.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      UPDATE 21st February 2013.

      I got an email from Tmart, yesterday................ after another of many of mines, this time I asked them if they have ethics and/or the know the meaning of the word ETHICS..........see reply below....


      Dear Richard,

      Thanks for your letter, it is my honor to help you.

      Sorry for all inconvenient from us.

      I just see the picture you sent.

      Please tell us how much about the return shipping fee.

      We would like refund together to you as soon as possible.

      Your early replay would be highly appreciated.

      Best regards,


      Live Support Chat Team


      The picture they see is the scanning of Fedex proof of delivery to H.K. of my returned goods. Keep reading (in Spanish we say "There is no worse blind person that the one who refuses to see"........literally translated) So they see, this time.............


      Dear Richard,

      Thanks for your letter, it is my honor to help you.

      Sorry for all inconvenient from us.

      No, we want to assume the return shipping fee for you.

      But we could not see clearly the shipping fee from your receipt.

      Hope you could tell us it, so we could refund full money to you as soon as possible.

      Please contact us at any time if anything.

      Best regards,


      Live Support Chat Team


    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      richard-benfatto. I understand that you have to go along with these lying bastards. For your sake do not get your hopes up. As I posted they will stall, delay, apologize, ask you to be patient and in the end it will be nothing but BulShit on top of BullShit.

    • francisli 3 years ago

      To see so many comments, I feel very surprise! I am bought gifts in the Tmart, the feeling didn't you say so bad

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      Deal Extreme is reliable. Shipping is long as with anything that comes from China or Singapore.

      T-Mart is already known to be thieves & liars so why bother with that trash?

    • harticles2 3 years ago

      This site is awful! They sent me the wrong item, and after I notified them of this at the END of DECEMBER they've asked for all kinds of pictures (which I've sent), and they still have not sent me the right product! Which was SUPPOSED to be a Christmas present!

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @harticles2: Not a surprise for anyone who has read the posts here. This is what they will do until you give up, and if you don't give up you will continue to get the I sorry and the rest of the Bullshit they give out.

    • GSPanwar 3 years ago

      It's the biggest quality of tmart. com which is described by harticles2 in his example that i have come to know most of the times by different people.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      THIS IS THE NEXT EPISODE. Sorry, can't tell when the Epilog will happen, if ever....................for anyone that doubt if they may still have some guilty conscience or if they have conscience, of any kind in the first place.........................Robert Alloca, this is it..............isn't it ?

      Jelly, I need to know why this payment has not happen. Please do not say "Welcome to Tmart again". I doubt that I will do business with your organization ever again.

      Pay the money, show you really mean honesty and want to do the right thing for customers, in the first place and then I may consider something different.

      Look forward to your answers.


      -----Original Message-----

      From: Tmart.com Service [mailto:Service@Tmart.com]

      Sent: Thursday, 21 February 2013 8:25 PM

      To: richard@benfatto.com

      Subject: [#374065]: RMA HF1301212272 order # 21907408

      Dear Richard,

      Thanks for your letter, it is my honor to help you.

      Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

      When we proceed it, we will inform you at first time.

      Welcome to Tmart again.

      Please contact us at any time if anything.

    • james-lemaster-104 3 years ago

      @GSPanwar: I have noticed the same thing happening with me. I ordered some tattoo supplies from Tmart and now every where I go I'm seeing Tmart ads. Never ran across them before.

    • james-lemaster-104 3 years ago

      @GSPanwar: DH Wholesale out of Hong Kong. They might be a little slow sometimes, but their merchandise is excellent and high quality.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      The last Chapter is being drawn. See the stupidity of T-Mart answer and excuses for not paying.


      Dear buyer,

      Thank you for your mail,

      Due to the payment has been reserved,we can't give you refund soomthly.So cpuld you like to contact the bank and the paypal to close the charge back case?

      Once the bank send the document to inform paypal to close the case, we can refund your money. Hope you can understand that.

      Please feel free to contact with us if anything.

      Best wishes,




      I have 5 languages in my brain, so let me know if my 'William Shakespeare" side is missing something.

      They need to send the money, not me contacting any banks..................maybe they want me to sit on a bank..............after exhaustion.

      For those that are not believers and still want to do business with them, good luck !

      Ticket Details


      Ticket ID: 374065

      Department: Service&Apple

      Priority: Medium

      Status: Answered

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @richard-benfatto: richard, see my other reply. I call it the RopeADope. When you close the PayPal Charge Back Case, it's over for YOU. PayPal/Bank will think you have settled your dispute. As usual T-Mart is lying [something they're expert in] and hope you will believe them. Most likely your money is lost forever but you can continually give them grief with posts anywhere and everywhere. Don't give up......ever.

    • seby-docky 3 years ago

      @richard-benfatto: My god .... just pass an order to tmart .... I am expecting the worse now ...

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @seby-docky: Do the smart thing. Cancel payment with PayPal, Credit Card. Save yourself grief. It may be too late. DO NOT CANCEL WITH T-MART, they will not honor it.

    • Jenniferchen profile image

      Jenniferchen 3 years ago

      There were a lot of bad reviews for tmart.But I have not happened, I bought Samsung Galaxy case,It is good and the service attitude is nice.wish good luck dear .

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      Jenniferchen, Anything that is 1% good and 99% bad doesn't make it good. T-Mart is CRAP 99% of the time. Before you give good feedback read the all the Negative feedback first. You could be a T-Mart shill.

    • sergey-semenov-1000 3 years ago

      @richard-benfatto: NEVER EVER close your dispute with chinese fellas until you get your full refund!! Whatever they say they will lie to you, so DO NOT make mistake, otherwise you will NEVER get your money!!!! I

    • zerusom 3 years ago

      The many terrible comments on Tmart I saw after I placed an order with them worried me. But I got the product I ordered with Tmart yesterday. It was an excellent product and it came on time.

    • malonie 3 years ago

      Tmart is a fraud .

      I wish i believed all the feedbacks here before I placed my order at Tmart.com

      Tmart took my money and did not deliver my order, I spent 2 month waitting until they finally told me that they do not carry my item it is on back order, but that was not all, they also refused to refund my money.

    • james-lemaster-104 3 years ago

      I never had any problem with delivery, my order and was kept updated about it at all times. I gave Tmart a good review and if there is someone out there who has had problems with them, that happens with everyone all the time. It doesn't make the store bad.

    • richard-benfatto 3 years ago

      @james-lemaster-104: I wonder who you really are..............................I have lost 300 dollars and never recover one single cent. They kept emailing me and pulling my leg and laughing on my face since I could not do anything. Contacting the Chinese embassy in Australia?, or anything else???

      How do you dare to say what you say ! ?

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @lindays: You're mistaken about 1 thing, they do have a location in Brooklyn, NY. I posted their info several months ago.

    • julioman 3 years ago

      Right from the start this company lied to me. They said they were shipping from the US but when the package arrived weeks later, it had a Chinese customs declaration on it. One of the enclosed cables did not work and they offered "points" instead of a new cable! I don't want or need "points". I want a new working cable. Don't buy from these people!!!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hello there. I ordered with Tmart in June 2013. After that I read this website, and thought "Oops" I made a mistake and will lose my money. BUT.... Okay, you have to be patient, but all my ordered parts are delivered in a perfect way to me. And that FREE of COSTS. So I feel sorry for all the people here who have troubles with Tmart, but I will certainly recommend Tmart to my friends and family. They offer great stuff, for a perfect price.

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Izafrank, I'm happy for you but consider yourself lucky and quit buying from them while you're ahead. Think of going to a Casino, most of the time you will lose your money, but with T-Mart it worse. If you do the math odds of getting screwed by T-Mart are not in your favor.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Franksantia: I'm really sorry for all of you guys. I only wanted to let people know, that you can have good experience with Tmart as well. That's all. It was my first time I ordered. I don't know when I will order again, but based on this experience, nothing keeps me away from ordering at Tmart.

    • robert-allocca 3 years ago

      @Franksantia: I thank you for everyone here. This proves that T-Mart are TRUE SCUMBAGS which is no surprise. I will make it my mission to bad-mouth them every chance I get and I urge everyone here to do the same. And for you Izafrank: if this is the only way for you to make a living then I suggest you look for other work, if not then you're no better than the SCUMBAGS you work for.

    • 13thetigger13 3 years ago

      I used the tmart app from the iTunes App Store because I trusted apple not to approve apps from creeps. Unfortunately, this one snuck through their otherwise high standards. I ordered a couple of things, thankfully only about $23, for a friend for a wedding. I don't know about you, but I usually expect even the longest shipping to take under 7 days unless I'm clearly notified in advance. I don't expect to have to look in a FAQ section to find out I could be waiting "20-45 days or more" for shipping. I ordered somewhere in the neighborhood of July 25, 2013. On August 8, 2013 (- couple of days before the wedding, incidentally) I receive one piece of the shipment. It was the cheapest, both literally and figuratively, of the items I ordered.....and it was the wrong color. I think there is a big difference between black and white. This singular item just happened to have an actual tracking number. I notified them and they asked that I send photos of the mailer, the item, etc. I did so to no avail. Still no real word on the other items, which I no longer need or want and that were supposedly shipped before the one wrong item I did receive. I have a whole list of emails thanking me and telling me they are honored to help me. I call bullpoop on that. They have offered me points. Who the hell wants POINTS to shop there again????? The funniest thing is that I sent them an email rubbing it in their faces that PayPal reversed the payment to me and they still keep telling me to be patient. Thank God I had the sense to use PayPal and be persistent. Thank God it was only $23 if they hadn't favored towards me. This is one of the shadiest companies I have ever seen. From now on I will be more diligent about reading reviews before I buy, even if the app is approved by Apple. I also wrote to Apple and told them my story, so lets hope they disassociate themselves with this scumbag of a company that is only out there to rip all of us off!

    • brooke-nevaeh-jay 3 years ago

      an you use American money? I found a drum set for my daughter and i know the currency is 1.5447 times American money, but i will be using a credit card.. how will that work? have any of you purchased with a american credit card?

    • Bob Norris 2 years ago

      I bought a tablet from tmart March 2014 it was not delivered because they had paid the wrong vat on the itemt .I was in touch with them and asked them to phone me to sort the problem out and have been in their chat room sent them email and written over the last 7 months and still can't talk to anyone.The post office returned the item to them but they have my money I have no tablet.So don't deal with them,

    • Millo 2 years ago

      Tmart sucks, I placed an order with Tmart.com That was never delivered, the Misleading excuses were: 1- The weather, 2- The holidays, 3- The tsunami, 4- the US costums, 5- the Iraq war, and so on, Tmart charged my credit card for the item plus my credit card was terminated after it was used by Tmart's people for airline tickets and household items .

      beware of the FAKE positive reviews similar to this page here, It is posted by Tmart.com to scam you.

    • European client 2 years ago

      I bought many times from Tmart. When there is no problem and I receive the item between 15 and 30 days tehre is nothing to complain about. But when things go wrong Tmart sucks. Once I did receive anything and I had to wait with tricky excuses from tehm to win time hoping they won't have to refund.

      I presume Tmart is a sort of general store who has no stocks by themselve. And when you order from them they have to order themselve from their suppliers. And from the moment it's somewhere out of stock they have no communication and you wait without any news. They do nothing until you ask them news about it. And from then it is the usual excuses and lies as described here above. Their service is under all when things go wrong and they go wrong because of Tmart not being serious when not simple. They don't support their clients. They are as said above the worst chinese seller I know.

      And other chineses sellers offer approximatively the same prices with a better website and following of information of the clients orders. 'Mart of china' and 'Banggood' under others. I would also tell you not to buy from Tmart but look for others sites more serious.

    • Peter 2 years ago

      I ordered a replacement battery for my laptop. When it didn't arrive I sent an email and was told it was sent to the wrong answer. Bottom line after numerous email and stalling tactics my T-Mart I made a PayPal claim and was told the transaction was over the period allowed for a claim. I'm betting T-Mart knew this and stalled until they got to keep my money.


    • Robbed by Tmart 22 months ago

      In the past I ordered various products from Tmart. They mailed the products in time, they arrived and were working fine.

      Lately it seems that they have some problems, since they don’t mail the products in time. Other times they never mail some of the products. When I am contacting them, they promise always that they will mail the missing product on the same day, but nothing happens. Usually I come back in a week, ten days, when they promise me again the mailing and nothing happens. Something similar happens with the refund requests. There are times when they refund the missing product, other times they just promise the refund and they do nothing.

      Latter they found various excuses not to pay back the price of the product, that they have never mailed. I was waiting for three months to mail it and they didn't.

      In the past I was so excited to order products from China, I encouraged people to do so, but probably I will not order anything from them in the future.

    • mccartj 19 months ago

      hi nice one here

    • pastrychefj 18 months ago

      DO NOT ,DO NOT , DO NOT, BUY anything from Tmart. If their is a problem, good luck in getting your money. I beg you not to buy from them.

      I spend but only $8.00, They send me the wrong size item and they wanted me to take a picture of the item and send it to them. I ask them what is the picture going to tell them. They needed to see for their inventory. Without it they couldn't help me. They just keep you going in circles. This one really takes the cake. They would refund my money but first I would need to close the dispute with Paypal. So I check with Paypal and found out If you close the dispute they will not open it again. So if you close the dispute and they don't send you the refund your completely out of luck. I'm am sure they are aware of it. Words of advice,looking for a deal ,look somewhere else. Not at Tmart or whaterver name they go by.

    • Richard 18 months ago

      I bought two parts from tmart It took 6 weeks to receive the parts. Then after installing and spending a lot of my time it turns out both parts are faulty. I will not be using tmart any longer, they got me one time and they will not be getting any 2nd chances. My time is more important to me then the money I lost.

    • RossMo 17 months ago

      Their shipping is untimely. Their customer service is atrocious. There is an obvious language barrier. They also do not provide a telephone number for this reason. They advertiser a 180 Day Free Warranty but they do NOT offer a warranty. I can not express how many efforts I made to try and resolve a warranty issue over a $5-$10 part with them and they told me once you receive the item it is not their fault OR responsibility to replace any faulty items. They clearly do not understand the definition of WARRANTY. I did some research on them after the fact (my own fault) and found they have BBB complaints as well as many listings on The Ripoff Report for many reasons.

    • Tom 14 months ago

      That will do for me, off to buy from legit UK shop.

    • Mar 13 months ago

      Thanks everyone

    • I got cheated 2 13 months ago

      Just don't buy from tmart

    • Mark 9 months ago

      I placed an order for an item, payment was confirmed that item has not shipped every time I contact them they settle ship soon ship soon. I found two other items that I wanted to order that I placed the order through PayPal.. to my surprise the very next day the orders were canceled and they said that they could not process them, they said to re-order through PayPal However when I went back to reorder the prices have gone up and they said that is the market.. seems like a scam. Also they requested of me a copy of my identification Copy of the credit card which I will not provide. I said that PayPal security in my payment is legitimate... I don't think I'll ever buy from this company again but just not worth the hassle in the wait.

    • Joy 6 months ago

      TMART IS RIDICULOUSLY in every way possible. Since I purchase items from China a lot, I thought this would be the same (Expect lower quality, avoid electronic stuff, get a tracking number - check!).

      I placed my order on a product they said they'll ship in 2 days. Took them 7 days just to ship it out. I also spent extra money on a tracking number THAT DOESNT WORK.

      After 6 weeks (yes I forgot about my order at that point), I contacted customer service about my package and tracking number. They just told me to wait another 2 weeks. OK then.

      2 weeks later, still nothing. When I contacted them again, they said to wait another 8 days. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

      (Not to mention their English is quite untrustworthy... Did they even understand my question properly? They obviously didn't give me an answer about my useless tracking number. And names like Jelly and Sweetie, are you a freaking pet fish?!)

      Anyways, I'm definitely sending a dispute through PayPal. I'm done waiting for them and their fraudulent little company.

    • Random guy 6 months ago

      I ordered a new battery on tmart and it said it delivered......on wed 1 dec 1969....... I ordered it 2 weeks ago and it hasn't com even though it said 24 hour delivery.

    • Don't buy anything from TMark 4 months ago

      When you buy something from Tmark, if you need to return the items, Tmark will NOT fullly refund!!!

      TMark will remove the points , the shipping fee and the sale TAX.

      This is B.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FTMark 4 months ago

      Tmart is a fraud, they charge your credit card and they do not deliver, customer service is bad they don't fix their mistakes, their job is mostly to post misleading positive feedback reviews to mislead potential costumers. they may use your credit card information because the tmart.com website is not secure , all their employes has access to your information. as your informations are not safe and secure. read the real reviews before you buy from Tmart and don't be fooled by reviews that are posted by their employees.If you like to hear lies then contact their customer service .

    • Gkay 4 months ago

      ordered product a month ago. No customer service, can not track the order,

      Will never buy anything from them. Read customers reviews before you pay.

      Not safe

    • Chris 3 months ago

      I sent the money,I got my date ,Order# and never received the item. Don't buy

      from this fraud, Please

    • T-Mart cheat the shipping fee 3 months ago

      Don't Buy from Tmart until You Read This!!!!

    • Tmart is a fraud! 3 months ago

      DO NOT ,DO NOT , DO NOT, BUY anything from Tmart.

      Tmart is a fraud - When you buy something from Tmark, if you need to return the items, Tmark will NOT fullly refund!!!

      TMark will remove the points , the shipping fee (in the website said free shipping, but when refund TMart take your shipping fee!!!) and the sale TAX!

    • Jeffrey F 2 months ago

      I ordered a battery for my laptop and it was defective. I thought no big deal, I would just contact T-Mart and I will send my defective battery back and they will send a replacement. I was wrong. T-Mart wanted me to take pictures of the battery, the packaging, to change my computers BIOS and a few other things. Needless to say I'm out 13 bucks and I learned a cheap lesson not to do business with this company. Now after reading this thread that I'm lucky by only loosing $13 bucks.

    • Paul Clements 2 months ago

      First & last time I will ever use Tmart ....... What chore !!

      Bought five of the same item (lost keys alarm)

      The short version

      After a considerable time not being delivered I asked where they might be

      The reply was out of stock please wait for another week, gave them two weeks asked again was given tracking that didn't work

      Asked again was told they had left and will be with me in due course only to receive an email next day to say they are out of stock.

      These were for a birthday present that had long gone buy then.

      Have been taking it through paypal because I didn't want them any more to be told can I wait another 2 weeks.

      Anywayz they finally arrived 2 months later, they do work

      Think I would have rather paid more and got a better service ...... lesson learned !

    • don casady 7 weeks ago

      These guys are a bunch of sleazy crooks. I purchased some of their 18650 5300 mAh batteries before knowing that this technology only supports approx. 3500 mAh max. After much back and forth, retesting of there fake batteries, name calling they finally offered me my money back or about $3 in coupons. I told them I wanted the mAh capacity I ordered in 18650 cell which they refused,. In the end I told them we had reached an impasse, and I would rather give them bad press forever than accept only a refund for a product that they KNOW is FAKE.

    • Unreliable site - the team of crooks and liars 5 days ago

      About 2 month ago I got a torch with 2 defective batteries and requested to resend me 2 new serviceable ones instead.

      The Tmart staff have been leading me by the nose for more than a month, inventing all sorts of strange reasons, up to the obvious lie that “they do not send batteries to customers allegedly because of Prohibition of the Airmail Service”, while the site promoted them (the same as it does today), and when I proved it, its representatives themselves confirmed it in the online chat, thus admitting their fraud.

      This is my first order on this site, which was unsuccessful...

      It is obvious that they absolutely do not appreciate their prestige.

      I am very disappointed, and I can’t recommend Tmart to anyone!

    • Minifreek 4 days ago

      ORDER ITEMS on OCT 16 2016 and it is now JAN 12 2017



      As there really is no customer service to speak of.

      I got in touch with them but they have done NOTHING TO HELP!!!!

    • Minifreek 4 days ago

      On Another note.

      I have left revise about items I have bought in the past.

      If I liked the item and put up a GOOD REVIEW they Post it.

      If you have a problem and it turns out to be just CHEAP CHINESE JUNK and you give the item a bad review. THEY NEVER PUBLISH THAT REVIEW. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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