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YouTube History 101: Top Seven Conspiracy Theories About American Singer Poppy

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Who Is That Poppy?

Poppy or "That Poppy" was a popular viral YouTuber and aspiring singer that captivated YouTube audiences for several years.

Today she's essentially a heavy metal artist that still creates videos that disturb people though in a different way than when she first came on the scene.

But what made the original introduction of Poppy so special?

Well she was one of the most fascinating YouTube stars that I had ever seen with a variety of strange, if not creepy videos that people still can't figure out.

Poppy (aka real name Moriah Pereira) was more than just an internet star; she was one of the most mysterious YouTubers on the platform.

So today we'll explore why she captivated people with the origins of the top 7 craziest conspiracies ever made about her.

Disclaimer: All of these are just fun theories and are not meant to harm or target the creator/s.

7. Poppy Was Part of the Illuminati

The Illuminati or "the enlightened" is a fictionalized secret organization that allegedly uses celebrities and people of power to influence the general public.

Conspiracy theorists have popularized this secret society where they often noted the presence of the triangle symbol in music videos.

Poppy frequently showcased illuminati symbols in her videos even though other artists have jokingly done the same.

So was her character doing this for attention?

Perhaps but the context of her videos initially revealed a more sinister meaning than of someone who was trying to get noticed.

Her videos definitely created a lot of buzz in her early years and her "I'm Poppy" video went viral upon release with over 15 million hits.

She even captured the attention of several popular YouTube channels including Pewdiepie and The Fine Bros.

If the goal of the Illuminati was to reach a large audience, then she succeeded.

6. Poppy Was a Robot

The most common theory about Poppy was that she was actually a robot created in some lab.

That may sound silly, but if you watched her videos, she definitely belonged in the uncanny valley, which is where non-humans are categorized in.

The valley is reserved for dolls and robots that look and sound like human beings but don't quite fit the mold.

It didn't help that her videos were filmed in a white space with very creepy background music/noises. I used to get chills every time I watched one of her (short) videos because it felt other-worldly.

This idea was also not far-fetched considering how far we've advanced in robotics. There are dozens of robots who already look/sound very human to the point where they're nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Of course, this was just a fun theory, but it's intriguing because this was something that could be concrete.

5. The Government Created Poppy

Another common theory that often targets young celebrities is that she was created by the government to influence kids.

We've seen this theory get attributed to several stars in the past including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift but lately the status of celebrity has shifted from traditional to digital.

In fact kids and teens know more about internet celebrities than they do traditional stars, so targeting them through these online creators did have some merit.

But what did the government want to achieve?

It's possible that the government wanted to protect today's children from our ever growing "social media" culture as a lot of Poppy's video were targeted against that.

Some people said her videos attempted to parody the visceral internet trends damaging our youth with things like asking for likes, begging for subscribers, and falling in love with digital stars.

Whatever the case it would appear that the government is trying to help, not hurt people by protecting them from our evolving culture.

That would make for an interesting twist considering any government influence is usually regarded as a bad thing.

4. Poppy Was a Hologram

Virtual and augmented reality is becoming huge with the introduction of 8K graphics and widespread use of 360-degree video, so was Poppy a virtual creation.

If you watched her videos, then it almost looked like something out of an Oculus Rift device or perhaps a projection.

We know that there are several companies like Apple and Microsoft working on augmented reality, so was Poppy one of their earliest experiments?

It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between what is fake and what's real; heck even Elon Musk thinks we're living in a simulation.

Poppy looked like she could have been a video game character with her perfect skin, hair, and makeup. She had this doll-like appearance with no wrinkles, facial marks, or anything to indicate that she was really there.

I read the book Ready Player One, and she reminded me of one of those avatars, so perfect yet far from reality.

3. The Mystery of That Poppy, Mars Argo, and Titanic Sinclair

In what may be the creepiest conspiracy theory yet, was Poppy a marketing ploy from the depths of the underworld?

The true creator of Poppy, Titanic Sinclair, may have tapped into something very dark and disturbing before she even burst onto the scene.

Before Poppy, there was Mars Argo who was this strange illusion that people knew little about. In the past, there were rather disturbing videos featuring Argo who claimed that she was trapped without anyone by her side.

One particular video showed her putting a gun to her head while a secret message played in reverse describing the illusion she was in as a celebrity. There were even clips of blood coming out of her mouth possibly alluding to the passing of the torch from one pop star to the next.

There were remnants of those videos in Poppy's songs with frightening symbolism that involved blood, spirits, and the Illuminati.

Just reading up on the history and writing this gives me cold shivers, and I think you'll feel the same.

2. Poppy Was an Alien From Space

In a more standard theory, some have stated that Poppy could indeed by an alien from outer space.

Most of this stemmed from her mannerisms, lack of social contact, her unknown origins, and several unusual YouTube videos that are chill-inducing.

One particular video showed her reacting to a Fine Bros. video where she cited every single word that was shown of her older clips. She showed no emotion, she didn't acknowledge the other reactors, and it was like she didn't know what was going on.

Like an alien, she seemed to be mimicking what was popular around her and put that in her videos. I mean what's more topical now than a young girl on YouTube singing and talking about Instagram.

Was she planning something much bigger and more cynical in the future?

Maybe but let's not jump to conclusions; we've heard countless stories of celebs who might be aliens.

So yeah this theory was pretty much by the books, but there was enough weight to give it some credence.

1. Poppy Was Mentally Unstable

This was by far the saddest conspiracy theory about Poppy, and it's the first thing reactors noticed.

When people saw Poppy's videos for the first time they didn't think she was an alien or a robot, they said she was psychologically unstable.

Was she the result of a tragic mental breakdown?

I don't think so...I think she just played this character very well. I didn't see someone who was mentally handicapped; I saw an artist who had something to say.

Whether or not that came from her or Sinclair remained to be seen, but there's a lot more than met the eye.

Poppy was weird, awkward, creepy, and unusual but she was also a good singer and very artistic. She became so fascinating to watch, and I thought the person who came up with this idea was a genius.

But at the same time, not everyone thought that way. Plenty of people said something was wrong with her or that she wasn't real, but that's why she was so intriguing.

Poppy has since become a YouTube legend because she spawned countless conspiracies left and right, and her introduction will live in YouTube history.

Your Turn!

Questions & Answers

Question: Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories?

Answer: I like to think there's some truth to a lot of these. The closer things are to the truth, the more fun it is to learn more.


Josh on September 11, 2019:

she is just creepy

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on January 08, 2018:

I'm assuming she is, but if she has people talking then she's doing a great job.

Helen on January 06, 2018:


Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on October 25, 2017:

A lot of people think so.

killua on October 24, 2017:

is she a illuminati puppet?

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on August 24, 2017:

It's very bizarre but if it gets people talking then I agree.

Timothy Arends from Chicago Region on August 23, 2017:

Crazy rumors, but i guess any publicity is good publicity for an up and coming Youtuber!

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on August 23, 2017:

I agree I'd love to be able to pull something like that off.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on August 23, 2017:

She's more of a cult hit on YouTube.

Chad Crouch from South Africa on August 23, 2017:

I have never heard of the YouTuber poppy?

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 22, 2017:

Whatever or whomever That Poppy is, she is clever.