Do Traffic Exchanges Work? No: Here's the Reason Why

Updated on March 23, 2018
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Traffic exchanges are tools which can be used to increase visits to your websites. Technically these visits are really generated, however, are those services a good way to gain new interest in your website? Do traffic exchanges really work? To answer this question, we should start to analyze how does a traffic exchange service work.

I Visit Your Website, You Visit Mine

Traffic exchange services work through a virtual currency. When you visit other websites, you are earning credits. Instead, when someone visits yours, you are spending them: this virtual money transfer makes it possible for a traffic exchange to work. Every user can boost traffic to their website by simply helping other ones to achieve the same thing. And here is the first problem: hits to your website come from users interested in earning credits, not in your website itself (unless they stop and pay attention to your web page and find it interesting, but the typical traffic exchange user just skips sites as fast as possible in order to earn credits, without looking at them).

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Autosurfs vs Manual Surfs

The problem becomes harder if we consider a specific type of traffic exchange websites: autosurfs. These are basically services in which you have to open a frame, and then leave it opened. The frame will automatically load websites on a specific time basis, while you are doing other things. In this case, the hits you get from users are completely automatic, and so they are fake. Also, while you have an autosurf opened, it may happen some websites automatically load popups and other things that could block your computer, or even stop the autosurf's flow (these websites are generally banned from traffic exchange services when discovered). With manual surfs users are obliged to look at the website, even if also, in this case, they are not visiting it because of a true interest, but only in order to earn credits. Do traffic exchanges work? They don't work as manual services, try to guess how they could drive genuine visits to your website as autosurfing services!

Manual Surf
Completely Automatic
Manual, Requires User Input
Engagement With Website
Nearly Zero (an automatic system visits your page)
A Little Disinterested Engagement (the user visits your website only in order to earn credits)
Some websites may block your autosurf, causing you a waste of time
Your input constantly confirms your visits to other websites, so you always earn credits
A little comparison between autosurfs and manual surfs
Google Analytics values can be negatively affected by hits from traffic exchanges website. Especially the Bounce Rate may be critically penalized.
Google Analytics values can be negatively affected by hits from traffic exchanges website. Especially the Bounce Rate may be critically penalized.

Bounce Rate

Another problem involved with traffic exchange services is that they provide you with visits to only one page of your website. Every user will still load the same page, without doing any other operation on your website. This will affect the Bounce Rate's Google Analytics value badly, and it may lead you to get a lower ranking in Google SERPs. You can solve the problem by removing Google Analytics on your websites, but I think it would be much better to stop using traffic exchanges. Do traffic exchanges work? If your target is to get your website on the last page of Google search results the answer is yes: they work great!

Website Content

In many traffic exchanges, you will be able to find more promotional pages than interesting websites. Actually, most of them come from referral pages posted by users of other services in order to earn some money or credits in other networks. You will find a lot of pay-to-click tools, forex investment related websites, other traffic exchange networks and many pages showing you "how to become rich in a week." All of them keep maintaining traffic exchanges' quality low, as they are over-filled with spammy websites or referral pages from other users.

Getting Banned by AdSense and Penalized on Google SERPs

AdSense clearly forbids users to put ads in websites promoted on traffic exchange websites, and violating this rule may result in you getting banned from the ad network. Maybe also other ad networks have the same rule. Finally, you also risk getting penalized on organic search results, as artificial ways to increase website's hits are seen as a black hat SEO behaviour.


I do not recommend traffic exchange services to promote your website, as they will provide you with artificial hits and no real benefits (you can even risk your AdSense account and your Google ranking). If you want to get more genuine traffic to your website, without relying on artificial hits, you have to constantly update it, focus on quality, SEO and to put every effort in making it an excellent product.

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    • profile image

      Thoughts Of Everything 

      12 months ago

      In my personal opinion if you going to advertise. Advertising only one link like you home page for example. But some site are ran by people with no ethics on ads or members. That's your problem. I've been doing both Traffic exchanges and paid to click for while. Traffic exchanges more new to me then paid to click. Regardless what a person chooses to do just be safe and DO YOU research. I now run my own site where I'm going to try and change the industry. I run both types I talked about.

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Autosurf is good when you wan to to convert it into impressions (ads)

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      I'm very reluctant to use these traffic exchange sites, like you said, people will only see your site to earn credits but don't actually convert. I think real traffic is what really matters. In addition, these sites don't accommodate different niches, they're mainly filled with spam my sites like you mentioned

    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      manual surfs will surely work better than auto surfs, as people are looking at websites... however they often look at it only because they are forced to do it: this mean a lot of people will skip the website after having opened it, without opening it in a new tab (unless they are interested in the site, but non everyone). This means a high bounce-rate (as a lot of people just look at one page and no more), so something is going to penalize the website in the SERPs (a high bounce rate is seen in a bad way by Google, as an interested user does not view only the home page)!

    • profile image

      farid rohman 

      3 years ago


      but maybe manual surf work because people look at website


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