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10 Sites Like Lifehacker: Websites That Make Life Convenient

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Lifehacker: Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done

Looking for more sites like Lifehacker? Did the overflowing useful knowledge from the website entice you to a certain high level? Well, you've come to the right place as this article shall take you to see more Lifehacker alternatives and similar websites.

Lifehacker is a website that stockpiles anything and everything that makes life much more convenient and comfortable. From to tips to tricks to downloads, everything on this site is for the sake of getting things done in the most favorable and trouble-free way. Hence, Lifehacker is literally a hack! A nifty hack to mundane life.

Given the hype as well as my unyielding dedication to make life easier and much more relaxed, I've gathered some more sites similar to Lifehacker with the same aspirations in mind. Let's face the truth: Life is not easy for most. So, making it easier and uncomplicated (even just for a little bit) with life hacks would do everyone good—one happy hack at a time.

10 Websites Similar to Lifehacker

  1. MakeUseOf
  2. Dumb Little Man
  3. HowStuffWorks
  4. How-To Geek
  5. Gizmodo
  6. AddictiveTips
  7. Krrb Blog
  8. Digital Inspiration
  9. Productivity501
  10. LifeHack

1. MakeUseOf

Just as the name implies, MakeUseOf is exactly what it seems like - it's about MAKING USE OF things for more productivity and convenience. It's more on digital productivity though. But well, we are all already living in a world full of digital things so accruing stuff that would make traversing across the digital world a breeze is all worth the time and effort.

MakeUseOf is a gateway to interesting stuff on the internet which are mostly about digital productivity, technology infographics, online know-whats, and all things that concerns the digital world. Making use of stuff in the digital world is not really easy for everyone, so that's where this site "MakeUseOf" comes in to help you in your digital adventures.

2. Dumb Little Man: Tips For Life

Dumb Little Man? Just what in the world does that even mean? Last time I checked, I found nothing dumb about the site or anything with regards with that. Well, maybe it's trying to use reverse psychology. Instead of being true to its name, it shows the opposite. It actually reeks of smartness far from what its name sounds.

Dumb Little Man is a website that shares countless of useful tips for life. It has three major areas of themes namely; Happiness, Success, and Money. Oh, those are exactly just what we all are seeking for in life. And judging on how things are written and cluttered on the site, it seems like Dumb Little Man is really the place to go to if you ever need any tips that will inspire you and make your life easier.

3. HowStuffWorks

They say: to make the most out of something and get the most juice from it, you have to know how it works in the first place. And since this site is named as such -HowStuffWorks, that is!- then it seems obvious that its literally gonna be a lot of help to everyone.

HowStuffWorks is basically a depository of everything about how stuff in this world works. And by that, I meant EVERYTHING! This website has a lot of categories covered including; adventure, animals, auto, culture, lifestyle, science, tech, and more! Woah, that's a lot of bases covered! And for that, it seems like life is just a walk in the park!

So, if you want take things apart, learn how things work, and use it to your advantage; then HowStuffWorks will show you how stuff really works.

4. How-To Geek

Are you a certified geek? Oh c'mon, don't be shy and just admit it. After all, there's a geek soul in all of us. And being a geek can make our lives easier depending on how you utilize your own geekiness.

How-To Geek might be an online tech magazine but trust me, that's not just what it all covers. Surprisingly, it covers a really broad spectrum of geekiness. And to top all that, everything here comes with high levels of usefulness and interest.

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Surely now, How-To Geek is a site for geeks, created by geeks! This website totally proves that being a geek has its own amazing perks and is definitely worthwhile!

5. Gizmodo

Being a blog highly recommended by Lifehacker itself, what more do you expect? Surely, Gizmodo won't let you down if that's what you are worried about.

Gizmodo is design and technology blog about anything that concerns cool new dogital stuff and gizmos. Hence, Gizmodo is its name. It's basically screaming out TECHNOLOGY if I must say. And well, we're all surrounded by technology nowadays so getting insider tips on how to cope up with our gizmo-world today is the path to take.

6. AddictiveTips

Ohohoho! Yet, this is another tech blog! But, what makes this one unique is that it's primary goal is to provide free and simple solutions to the everyday problems we encounter in our daily life.

AddictiveTips much true to its name, is really a website that boasts on tips and tricks that are highly addictive you'd never regret about stumbling upon it. I mean, it clearly has lots of tips that are fit to our world today which makes it a depository filled with knowledge that will make one live life at ease.

7. Krrb Blog: Neighborly Living

While this blog isn't very obvious with how useful and convenient it is, it does put the things you want without you realizing until it already has taken you over subconsciously.

As it's tagline say, KRRB is all about easing neighborly living through tips and item suggestions that makes living just all the more interesting. This blog just seems to blabber about stuff about living simply in an extravagant way. Sounds contradictory, right? But that's what this site is all about.

Living simply yet elegantly was never this easy. This blog by the way is highly recommended to scavengers, collectors, hunters, and gatherers. That's everyone so it can practically be ušful to anyone who's reading it.

8. Digital Inspiration

If you might have noticed by now, there seems to be a bounty of websites that tackles about digital stuff and digital productivity. But, this one's unlike them. Well, there's a bit of the same feel, but there's also a lot of fresh things in it. That's why this time - it's Digital Inspiration.

Digital Inspiration is home to all things inspiring and helpful in the tech world. From simple website tools, blogging, technology news, computer help, online guide, and lots more - Digital Inspiration never runs out of helpful info to inspire everyone on their seats.

Well, perhaps that's the reason why it's fitfully named as Digital Inspiration.

9. Productivity501

Productivity - this is one of the essential ingredients for living life as easy and as convenient as possible. There are lots of different kinds of productivity but, they all lead to one thing - comfort and happiness. Now imagine being productive even with the most simple and basic stuff in life. Now that's really grand!

With all that being said, Productivity501 is truly about being productive in the most simple of things. And when you're productive even with the most simple of thing, you get the most out of life.

10. LifeHack

So last but definitely not the least, we go to a website that similarly named to the site look-a-likes we've been looking for. And this time, we just remove the "er" to get to a website that's simply called Lifehack.

Lifehack is much what you would expect it to be. It's a domain full of useful tips and tricks to get by easily in life. And unlike all the other sites, Lifehack is designed in such a way that just reading through it is already convenient and comforting. Well, that's how great it is!

And by the way, you'll surely never get bored reading through its articles and finding stuff that would be helpful in living your run-off-the-mill days.

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