The dB: Have You Ever Wondered What "dB" Means?

dB is mentioned in user manual specifications sections of radio and audio equipment, cellphones, and loudspeakers. The dB specs and measurements are important for equipment accuracy, also health and safety reasons. The dB is explained here along with conversion methods between related parameters.


Five Ways We Use AI in Everyday Life

In the burgeoning age of tech, AI has become a buzzword among digital marketing gurus, popping up in ad campaigns as a means of enhancing brands’ images. But the AI we use every day isn’t nearly as ostentatious—many of us don’t notice it at all. In this piece, I list some common applications of AI.


How to Use GPS Trackers

GPS tracking is such a useful technology. In this article, I show you how to make use of it to ensure your family's safety. I also discuss other everyday applications these trackers have.