A Regular Guy’s Review: AUKEY Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Updated on February 24, 2017

AUKEY, a wholly Chinese company, offers a set of Bluetooth, wireless earbuds with built-in remote and microphone for iPhone. The current price for these earbuds on Amazon is knocked down to $19.99 (from an original $29.99,) a pretty low cost in comparison to other manufacturers, which automatically tells you something. This is a bit of a double-edged sword as you get wireless earbuds with reasonably good audio and Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device, but the feel is somewhat lacking (a very much ‘plastic’ feel,) the audio is only reasonably good (not great,) there isn’t much in the bass department, and the Bluetooth range is not as accommodating as some of the competition. To reiterate: Chinese company with Chinese manufacturing and Chinese quality metrics/regulations.

A basic breakdown of the Aukey Bluetooth, wireless earbud features:

- Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Use them with your iPhone, iPad, TV . . . you name it.

- Microphone for talk-time when paired with your smartphone. The audio quality can be a little suspect and other online reviewers have noted similar results. Again, you’re only paying $20 so top-of-the-line quality is not to be expected.

- Controls on earbud – Power, volume, and Bluetooth pairing on one ear bud. Be warned that you might find yourself fat-fingering these controls and hitting the wrong thing, especially if active.

- MicroUSB charging cable included but not a power adapter so you’ll have to use one lying around your house. The Lithium-ion battery life is decent considering the small mAh battery installed: 7 hours of talk time and over a week of standby time.

- Three sets of earbuds are included for varying ear sizes. It might take some adjustments to find your fit. My ears are small (well, just the canal) and I typically have a hard time finding an ear bud outside of Apple that will fit. Luckily the small sized set fit relatively well and didn't move around too much once I found the right seating.

The main point with these headphones is they will do for you what you expect at their price. If you are just looking for something to listen to while pumping iron at the gym or while sitting in bed as to not disturb your spouse, then they’ll do the trick. Especially if you don’t plan on making it a daily routine. If you are an audiophile . . . you know, the type of person that can actually hear the differences in produced music, then you won’t much care for these . . . but you probably wouldn’t be looking to spend only $20 on earbuds, anyway.

Either way, if you want to have a wireless headset and don't feel like shelling out too much cash, buy a pair of these on Amazon while the price is still knocked down.


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