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How to Communicate with Pager Codes

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Who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? I love sharing my funny pager codes with readers.

Let's decode those messages.

Let's decode those messages.

What Is a Pager?

Back then, pagers were the only type of short message service (SMS) available. These devices would display numbers ranging from 0–9. No letters and no smiley faces! It became common for pager users to develop their own terminology and funny ways of communication.

But let's face it, humans aren’t computers. So how can we decode numbers into text?

How to Understand Pager Codes

Although pagers are outdated and were replaced by mobile phones, we should take some time to appreciate the creativity we once had for such pioneer technology with limited functions.

Three Ways to Understand Pager Codes

  1. Reading It Upside Down
  2. Each Number Represents the Number of Letters in Each Word
  3. Follow the Pager Table of Numbers
Hello, have you figured it out?

Hello, have you figured it out?

Method #1: Reading It Upside Down

Take a look at the first code we encounter, 07734. If we rotate it by 180 degrees, reading 07734 upside down will give you "hello."

Another example is code 87, which translates to late (L8).

Method #2: Each Number Represents the Number of Letters in Each Word

In this method, each number represents the number of letters in each word. Let's look at the most common example.

We can break "I love you" down to:

  • I (1 letter)
  • love (4 letters)
  • you (3 letters)

Together you get 143, translating to, "I love you." This phrase is also commonly numbered as 831, 8 letters, 3 words, and 1 meaning.

Other examples:

  • 823 = Thinking of you
  • 45 = Good Night
  • 47 = Good Morning

Pager Code Alphabet

A = 8

B = 8

C = 6

D = 0

E = 3

F = 4

G = 6

H = 4

I = 1

J = 7

K = 15

L = 7

M = 177

N = 17

O = 0

P = 9

Q = 0

R = 12

S = 5

T = 7

U = 11

V =11

W = 111

X = 25

Y = 4

Z = 2

Method #3: Follow the Pager Alphabet

This table with the official pager alphabet will help you decode any message. Simply just match each number up with the correlating letter.

Stay Paging!

Start to inculcate pager codes into your everyday conversation and share your interesting and exciting encounters with us in the comments.

Happy paging!