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Troubleshooting Anker PowerCore Portable Charger Problems

Updated on November 10, 2016
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Anker's line of PowerCore portable chargers can charge any USB device, and leverage high-capacity battery cells that make it possible for some of their devices to hold enough energy to power up your iPhone 6s up to seven times over before you'll need to recharge it. Having one of these devices handy can help ensure you won't have to worry about your portable electronics running out of steam while in an important meeting or out with friends. Common problems with the PowerCore line of chargers are typically associated with powering up the charger, charging connected devices, not understanding the meaning of the LED lights on the device, and issue with dirt and other debris getting into the USB ports.

Anker PowerCore 20100
Anker PowerCore 20100 | Source

PowerCore Won't Charge

  • If possible, use either the Micro USB cable that came with the Anker PowerCore charger to power it back up, or a certified third-party cable. If you're using a non-certified, third-party cable, the Micro USB connector may fit, but it may not power up your portable charger. Additionally, third-party cables can also potentially do a great deal of harm to your device, as they don't go through the required testing that certified cables go through.
  • Ensure the outlet you're connected to is working. If possible, try connecting another device to that outlet to see if it works.
  • If you're portable PowerCore charger is not charging quickly, try using another wall charger. A 2 amp charger will fully recharge your device over 12 hours. A higher-output charger will power up your device faster.
  • If you've noticed that the PowerCore doesn't charge while you have devices connected to it that are charging, that's because it's not possible to do that. This is not good for the battery, and as a result Anker doesn't make it possible for the user to do that.

Connected Devices Not Charging

  • If the situation is one where devices connected to your Anker PowerCore won't charge at all, ensure that the charging cable is firmly connected to both the portable charger and the device you're attempting to charge. Additionally, try using a different USB cable in the event there may be issues with the cable you currently have connected.
  • If the connected devices aren't charging quickly enough and you have multiple devices connected, remember that when multiple devices are connected the charger is outputting the same amount of power, but it is splitting it between the two devices, so it will take twice as long.

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What do the lights on my PowerCore mean?

There are a couple of different reasons the LED lights on your Anker PowerCore charger could be flashing:

  1. If your portable Anker charger is connected via the Micro USB cable to a wall outlet and charging, a percentage of the LED lights on the device will light up, illustrating the percentage of the device that is charged and ready for use. All of the lights on the portable charger will go dark when the device achieves a full charge.
  2. If there are devices connected to your PowerCore charger, you'll notice that the LED display shows you a percentage that illustrates how much of the battery is available for use.

Environmental Elements

While the Anker PowerCore is a fairly rugged portable charger as a result of a strong outer shell, dirt, sand, and other environmental elements can get lodged in either the USB ports or the Micro USB charger, and cause a variety of issues associated with charging. The unwanted debris may result in sporadic charging of connected devices, or sporadic powering up of your charger itself. Additionally, over time, the build-up of dirt and debris can do serious damage to both your portable charger and connected cables, potentially resulting in both not working further down the line. As a result, it's important to keep your Anker charger away from elements as best as possible.

In the event that you do see visible dirt and debris inside of your charger, do not attempt to remove it using a paper clip, knife, or any other sharp object, as those can also damage your device. Try using a Q-Tip or other soft object to try and clean out any debris.

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    • profile image

      Harvey 7 weeks ago

      My anker power bank is charging and shows the battery percentage. I have been charging it for 2 days now and the battery is not getting up but its blinking.

    • profile image

      Michael 2 months ago

      The 20100 doesn't charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 properly. It turns the phone on and off

    • profile image

      John Wayne 3 months ago

      @Joe Carey

      I had the same problem with my Anker Astro 6700mAh Ultra-Compact Premium Portable Charger.

      Have you managed to get it working again?

    • profile image

      Jerry davenport 3 months ago

      Charger will charge but will not charge my iPhones 6

    • profile image

      Thiyagaraj 3 months ago

      Hello Max could pls suggest me what to whenever i connect my Anker powercore 20100 to 20w solar panel it draws only a max of 950 mah as against 2.1 amp in the very bright sunlight here in Bangalore India and that to it drops to 250mah when sun shine dips and doesnt get adjusted when the bright sunshine returns

      thanks in advance

    • profile image

      Ayman 3 months ago

      Hi Max

      My PowerCore 13,000 would charge for a minute then stops. I don't know what is going on.

    • Max Dalton profile image

      Max Dalton 3 months ago from Greater St. Louis, Missouri

      Hi Joe,

      First, sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your Anker Astro. We have a few different Anker chargers, and I've always had good luck with them. With some batteries you have to charge them fairly regularly to cycle them and keep them going. It sounds like you used it sparingly, which in the world of chargers can actually be a detriment. I would recommend calling Anker with your issue to see what happens.



    • profile image

      Joe Carey 3 months ago

      I purchased a brand new unopened Anker Astro E1 5200mAh portable charger on Sept 2015 for $20.

      I used it three times to charge my Samsung cell phone for about 20 minutes. I carry it just for emergencies.

      But 16 months later now the charger won't charge. It has one blue button which just blinks. I'm using the USB cord the charger came with but I've tried numerous adapters and usb cords. I think the charger is defective but since I didn't purchase it from AnkerDirect there is no warranty. It's an Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power.Model: A1211 SN:O5DEGL

      It didn't slowly not take a charge; it just stopped charging one day. But I only used it three times. I think this is last time I ever buy anything Anker.

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