Why Use a White Noise Generator and Other Sounds?

Updated on June 25, 2019
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There Is a Lot Noise in Life Sometimes

Sometimes there are a lot of noise and distractions in life. One of the things I found that helped me in these situations is the use of a noise generator. In this article, I am going to explain the benefits of noise generators.

A white noise generator.
A white noise generator. | Source

What Is White Noise?

Playing lots of audio frequencies a similar level makes white noise. If you are a bit older, you might remember the sound TVs and radios used to make when there is no signal. That is an example of white noise.

There are other forms of white noise such as brown and pink noise as well.

Remember this?
Remember this? | Source

Why I like White Noise

White Noise Is Great for Focus

Often when I am trying to focus or concentrate distracting background noise gets on my nerves. I have found that by playing white noise with some headphones, I can focus more.

I will hear the loud white noise, but it will mask the other sounds. I have grown to appreciate this, and the sound of white noise is something I can ignore while working on other things.

Works Well in Public Areas

White noise works great in public areas like college open areas and libraries. Sometimes when family visit, they bring along their cute and loud children. I tend to use white noise to avoid their sounds without seeming rude.

Make Noisy Roommates Be Quiet (Politely)

I have also had noisy roommates in the past that listened to music I did not care too much more. I turn on white noise and listen to my own music.

White Noise Is Great for Hearing Music Better

I sometimes use white noise while listening to music and podcasts to better hear them over background noise. I have found this combination works great.

Other Noise Generators

I like the Sound of Water

There are many types of audio noise generators can play. I frequently listen to the sound of water. This can be rain, rivers, lakes, and other watery sounds.

Outdoor Noises

I also like the sound of the outdoors. I sometimes listen to the sounds of a summer day. Some generators have many options and play around and test them to see what I like.


About the myNoise Website

I discovered myNoise when I first started attending college. I found this website when searching for ways to listen to sounds online. myNoise is my favorite way to listen to sounds.

There Are Many Noise Generators on myNoise

The desktop website has a huge number of options to listen to, and there are over 100 sound generators. You get your classics like white noise and water sounds. But there are some very creative noise generators as well.

myNoise Generator Examples

For example, one sound generator plays the singing bowls. One sound generator plays the ambient sounds of an old TV show starship like in Star Trek.

The Cost of Using myNoise

The website is free to use. There are some generators and options only available if you donate some money though. The cost to get all noise generators is $5.

I Have Donated Money to myNoise

I have donated $5 in the past because of how much this website helped me through school and with some harder situations in life. But most of the generators are available for free users, and the website is still worth using for free.

About the myNoise Mobile Applications

There are myNoise mobile applications, and I have used the Android application myself. The Android application does not have as many sounds like the website. But it has the most popular sounds at least.

Sounds on the Application Cost Money

You must buy the rights to use some of the sounds on the Android application. I only use the ones I can download for free myself. The application works well and will play in the background of some applications.

I often use the mobile application with a pair of Bluetooth headphones while traveling.

These are some of the noise generators on myNoise.
These are some of the noise generators on myNoise. | Source


About Noisli

Noisli is a website like myNoise, but it is a much simpler website. There are much fewer sounds, but the website is completely free. The sounds on this website are outdoor based sounds.

There is no white noise generator. If you want to listen to the sound of rain and wind this website is great.

Noisli Google Chrome Extension

Noisli also has a Google Chrome Extension you can use. It is the same as the website but a bit easier to manage while doing other things.

Noisli Mobile Applicaton

Noisli also has mobile applications. The App costs $2, but you get access to everything after buying it. I have bought and used this application on my Android phone in the past. I currently use the myNoise app instead though.

These are some of the noise generators on Noisli.
These are some of the noise generators on Noisli. | Source

Other Ways to Get Helpful Sounds

Other Noise Generator Applications and Websites

There are other noise generator applications as well of course. I have seen noise generators on the Google Play Store, The App Store, and the Microsoft Store. There are also other noise generator websites as well I am sure.

Get Noise from YouTube Videos

Another way to get noise is to use a public video website like YouTube. People post noise on YouTube, and you can watch the videos to listen to it. Or download the video as an audio file.

There are multiple websites that convert YouTube video to audio online. Here is one of them.

Download Audio Files and Play Them

You can also download noise audio files and listen to them with a music app. I tend to use noise generators because you do not need to play them on a loop. This is a nice option to use though if you want to keep things basic.

What Do You Think About Sound Generators?

Now that I have explained why I like noise generators and the ones I use what do you think? Do you listen to white noise or something similar?

Do You Use Noise Generators?

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