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Man floating above mountain.

How High You Can Jump Depends On Your Planet, An Out-Of-This-World Video Animation Depicts

Let's say you have a vertical leap of 1.5 feet. That's not bad, assuming you don't play basketball. Watch this super cool animation to see what heights that would take you to on other planets.

Cars parked in lot.

Seriously Bad Driving: This Video of the Worst Parker In the World Has People Perplexed

"What are they even trying to do?" one commenter asks.

Soldier sitting on steps.

Watch This Video of Napping Soldier Getting Pranked With Very Explosive Wake-Up

That had to be at least momentarily terrifying.

Drone pilot.

This Super Fun Drone Video Shows Off Moves and Makes People Want to Get One

"I want one, please. Thank you!" writes a viewer of the video.

Orchestra concert.

Orchestra Performance Mishap! Watch a Percussionist Miscue Cause Some Chaos

This is a very unexpected turn of events.

Car in driveway.

Watch Delivery Driver's Hilarious Reaction When He Realizes His Car Is Rolling Away

It takes a while for the gravity of the situation to dawn on him.


Watch This Stunning Video of Lunar Eclipse From the Master of Space Photos

Viewers are amazed at what this astrophotographer is able to capture.

Police Man.

Policeman Makes Hilarious Mistake and His Reaction When Noticing Is Priceless

All of us are human and this guy proves it.

Child exploring woods.

Watch Heartwarming Moment When Kindergartner Reunites With Man Who Saved His Life

It's always sweet to see moments like this.


Hood Explosion: Car Is Filmed During Odd Incident and the Internet Wonders What Happened

There is all kinds of speculation in the comments.


Watch This Dazzling Video As It Shows the Size of the Largest Star In the Known Universe

Compared to the Earth, our Sun is huge. But even our Sun pales in size compared to Stephenson 2-18.

Train at intersection.

Watch Man's Insanely Casual Reaction To Near-Death Experience At Train Intersection

No problem. I'll just be going about my business now.

Truck tire changing.

Watch Woman's Reaction To Approaching Danger As Runaway Wheel Takes Astonishing Path

A commenter wonders why she didn't kick it away.

Suburban street.

This Man Escapes A Doomed Car By Bailing at Exactly the Right Second

A second more deadly airborne threat was preceded by a warning from the first.

Bicycle race.

Bicycle Race Wipeout! Clueless Woman Steps Into Street at Exactly Wrong Time In This Video

Did she not even know there was a race going on?

Shocked man.

Shock Video: Lucky Man Escapes Doomed Car By Exiting at Exactly Right Second

A second more deadly airborne threat was preceded by a warning from the first.

Roller Coaster.

Real Or Not? An Outrageous Roller Coaster Video Sparks Internet Debate

But what should the real point of controversy be?

Drone pilot.

Stunningly Beautiful Expertly Piloted Drone Video Will Make Your Day and People Are Amazed

"Flying through paradise" is what the video poster call this.

Pickup truck offroad.

Watch Pickup Truck Doing Wild Doughnut In Scary Mishap. And Bros Are In the Back

One comment says you can't leave your husband plus his friends unattended.

Drone Pilot.

Watch This Drone Video Showing Off Spectacular River Views That People Are Talking About

This is an example of excellent drone piloting combined with wonderful natural beauty.

Distant view of Galaxy.

Pondering the Edge of the Universe: Neil deGrasse Tyson Tackles It In This Video

One metaphor to use to fathom the answer is, he explains, it's as if we're a ship at sea heading toward a horizon.

Semitruck street corner.

Security Cam: Trucker Destroys Residential Street Corner With a Jaw-Dropping Result

One reader wonders why a truck that size is in a residential area to begin with.

Man Riding Lawn Mower.

Man Riding Lawn Mower On Slope Suffers Crazy Incident and People Are Talking

This seems to have triggered a discussion about they physics of counterweight.