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Simplify and Enhance Your iPhone Wellness With these 7 Hacks

These smooth tricks you probably don't know about will save you time, make you more efficient—and you can even have some fun while you're at it.

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Some of us can get into a rut as we let ourselves normalize our routine habits using our phones. We accept things as they are when we know somewhere in the back of our minds that there are probably some more efficient or more fun ways to use the devices.

But we're busy, right? Who has the time to research iPhone techniques when we're relaxing at the end of a busy day and we really just want to put our feet up, forget about that little  screen and binge on Netflix?

Well that's where TikTok user @katamogz comes to the rescue. She has generously put this quick and awesome video of 7 iPhone tips together and you'll be glad you checked them out.

She shows us how to mute notifications for an hour or a day. That means not having to remember to unmute them if we want the sound on later. Sometimes it's the simple things.

She shows us how, when taking a screenshot, we can actually grab the full page and save it to our files as a PDF. Commenter @npalgl2112 puts it rather succinctly: "Whoa! The full page screen shot!!"

Photo Credit: IMAGO / AFLO

Photo Credit: IMAGO / AFLO

Perhaps even better, @katamogz has a handy trick she's happy to share about using the magnifying glass on screenshots to emphasize in the captured image what was important to her about the shot at the time she took it. Smart, right?

Commenter @catherinelowther2 seems grateful for the free advice. "Why don’t these ideas come with a phone? Thanks!" she writes.

Yes, thanks for putting these together, @katamogz. Simplifying is good, but having a little fun is even better!