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An AI Was Asked To Expand The Classic 'Doom' Cover Art, And Its Answers Are Epic

Have you ever wondered what else might be going on in the epic battle scene on the cover of 'Doom?'

These artificially intelligent art apps are being used in more interesting ways every day, now being asked to expand on existing pieces of art.

Where does this all start for us? With video games, of course, and particularly with ‘Doom’ — one of the most iconic and influential games of all time.

Watch to see how this AI fills in the proverbial “blanks” surrounding the classic cover art for the original “Doom” game — it’s absolutely metal.


Thanks to TikToker MoneyPipez for posting this one, which is surprisingly faithful to the original artistic style. However, part of that is because much of the image is being mirrored on both sides by the AI drawing app.

That said, when you see the second and final expansion on the image, it’s much more original work, and honestly makes the landscape seem both immense and frighteningly closed in by the dark.

“Yep, that’s hell!” a commenter plainly stated.

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“That's going on the side of my van,” another viewer said, which we would love to see.

“Would be a badass cover for a special edition copy of Doom,” another viewer said, though we’d need to see the mirroring fixed before that.

And finally, the most metal take we found: “Hell yeah, Castle Grayskull in the back.”

Hell yeah, indeed.

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