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An AI Was Asked To Draw Your First Day In Hell, And Its Answers Are, Well, Hellish

Honestly, what are we supposed to expect by an AI's drawings of Hell?
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Asking artificial intelligence to predict the potential cosmic fates that may await all of us has become something of a contemporary internet pastime.

Today, we have an AI telling us what the first of eternal damnation in Hell might look like for us — well, for those who have earned it.

Of course, expect to see lots of red … and scary stuff.


Posted by a TikToker known as Conscious Being (way to be specific with the name), the images generated by this AI drawing app are, honestly, exactly what you would expect.

Everything in Hell is fiery, torturous, and miserable — who would’ve thought?

The additional messages posted atop the images also help to drill in the misery that’s on display. So, how are the readers taking this AI’s depiction of hell (which is only based on our own creative assumptions published online)?

“It would be funny bumping into someone you know there,” one viewer said.

“Well why do people who end up in hell call on God and then He immediately brings them up into His presence, it’s never too late to call on Him,” another viewer said, which we have no idea what to do with.

“Seems a bit extreme doesn't it?” one viewer asked … despite the fact that it’s Hell.

“Damn, I’mma bump into all my exes there,” another viewer said.

“Can you do heaven please?” another viewer asked, which we would love to see more of as well.

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