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An AI Was Asked To Draw The Cast Of 'Friends', And The Results Are Hideous

This story is proof that AIs still do not have all of the finesse of real human artists, but they're getting there.

Artificially intelligent drawing apps are incredibly powerful already, but some clever folks are pushing them to their current limits.

For instance, asking an AI to draw specific people or characters tends to lead to some … strange results.

Now, multiply that by six or seven unique characters, like in the cast of “Friends”, and you have the makings of some excellent, AI-generated comedy.


Much thanks to Jackson McLean for posting this one to TikTok, and for the hearty laughs.

The reason for these hilarious abnormalities is because regardless of what your query is input into the AI drawing app, it uses the same process to get to its amalgamated image. This means it’s a mash-up of thousands of images of, say, Courtney Cox as Monica Geller, thus creating Mon-eye-ca.

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Here’s what the viewers are saying in response.

“Gunter is hot tho hahaha,” one viewer felt the need to point out … erroneously — we kid.

“Haha, I was hoping for Phebo,” another commenter joked.

And finally, this commenter asked the ultimate question: “Not Chanandler Bong?”

We too are now wondering about the absence of this critical mischaracterization of another character. At any rate, enjoy the insanity that AI has brought us.

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