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An AI Was Asked To Draw 'The Journey To Heaven,' And Its Answers Are Oddly Specific

Why is it that almost every depiction of the journey to heaven is heavily … Christian?

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of the journey to the heavenly afterlife? Probably some clouds and golden gates … if you’re a Christian or were raised that way.

That’s exactly what this artificial intelligence drew when it was asked to depict what the journey to heaven is like. But what about every other depiction of the concept of heaven from the world’s religions?


Apparently, the Christian ideals of heaven dominate the global internet discourse, because of how AI drawing apps generate their original images. That is, from the global search queries and image results online.

Posted by AINewbie on TikTok, the AI drew all forms of a heavenly journey from a deeply Christian perspective: walking on clouds, the golden gates, the whole shebang. So, how are viewers taking the AI’s interpretations?

“It looks intimidating, but I'm sure you feel nothing but bliss as a spirit as opposed to a human watching this,” one viewer predicted.

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“In tears, I lost both my parents during COVID,” one viewer revealed. “I feel I should've fought harder with so-called doctors. Not fair, but this brings me peace.”

“We could only hope and have faith that it's at least half this when the time comes,” another viewer said.

“Sorry, but I wouldn't put my faith in AI showing what heaven looks like,” another viewer pointed out. “You might just get the Matrix!”

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