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An AI Was Asked To Draw Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana Meeting In Heaven, And It's Beautiful

It's a comforting set of AI drawings to look at … even if the Queen and Princess are missing eyes in some.
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While in the ten-day mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II, people have looked to strange sources for relief or catharsis.

Take artificial intelligence, for instance. Folks online have been asking AI drawing apps questions relating to the Queen’s fate.

The latest here is someone having asked an AI to draw Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana in heaven together. The results are pretty striking for multiple reasons.


Posted by a TikToker known as Yes That’s Serious, the AI generated some truly beautiful, Disney-level art of the two monarchs reuniting in the afterlife.

However, there’s one small problem: they barely have eyes in any of these images! It’s a common flaw in current AI drawing apps that they have trouble rendering eyes and hands.

Regardless, these drawings are clearly being well received, generally speaking.

“Diana has a good heart, she probably would hug the queen,” one viewer said.

“This is beautiful, I don’t understand why people think they would have been fighting, they were really close,” another viewer added.

“After death you understand that nothing really mattered on Earth,” said another viewer.

Well said, internet, well said.

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