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An AI Was Asked To Draw The Year 2085, And Its Answers Are Dystopian

With all of the pessimism surrounding the future, we're not surprised the AI drew a dystopia.
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While we all prefer positivity from the internet, sadly there just seems to be more pessimism than anything, judging by this artificial intelligence’s predictions.

Someone asked an AI to draw the year 2085, and its answers are unsurprisingly dystopian, so strap in for some weird feels.


Posted by a TikTok account known as AI Visionary, these AI drawings of the future — real or metaphysical — are starting to hit different.

Perhaps it’s because videos like these are potentially within our lifetime that they’re a bit more anxiety-inducing than they have ever been. Here’s how the viewers are taking it in.

“What’s happening in the year 2023,” one viewer said.

“We are not gonna’ make it that far,” another viewer added to the pessimism. “We will be lucky if we make it past 2023.”

“And by 2386 or something we will have full control of earth,” someone chimed in with, bringing some much needed positive energy to the thread.

Ultimately, these AIs are reflecting the data that we have generated around these topics, showing it back to us. For some weird reason, it’s almost as if a lot of people want something like this to happen. Why? That’s a much tougher question to answer.

“AI has been watching too much of The Walking Dead,” another viewer said, and we agree. We’ve all been watching too much zombie stuff.

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