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Supersonic Jets Are About To Make A Comeback, And The Internet Is Ready For It

Since the days of the Concorde decades ago, we've waited for the return of ultra-fast jets.
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It’s been nearly two decades since the short-lived Concorde supersonic jet soared over the Atlantic Ocean in record time.

Now, its successor, the Overture, is set to make a comeback relatively soon. Airline operators are buying the jets in the dozens already.

Check out this insanely fast jet in motion, since it’s coming to an airport near you pretty soon.


Posted by the tech TikToker known as Technality, the video details the Overture supersonic jet developed by Denver-based company Boom Supersonic.

Expected to hit the skies officially by 2026, we’re not terribly far off from a reality wherein a flight between New York and Paris could take just under four hours. Today, that same flight takes upwards of 8 hours on standard passenger jets.

This is because the jet can travel at up to Mach 1.7, which is well above the sound barrier. In light of that, both American Airlines and United Airlines bought more than a dozen Overture jets already.

What do the viewers think of the news?

“It will always be too expensive for normal people,” one viewer said. “Supersonic can't survive just on the rich travelling.”

“Come on PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US THE NEXT CONCORDE,” one particularly excited viewer said.

“And yet the concord could do Mach 2,” one bummer of a viewer said. “It was faster than this and we did it in the seventies.”

True enough, but must we be reminded that the Concorde was grounded for safety reasons following a fatal crash?

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