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Wild Video of Airplane Deploying  Parachute For Crash-Landing Shocks Viewers

The parachute is launched for the entire plane, not for only the pilot with an ejection button.

When we think of pilots forced to eject themselves from doomed airplanes, we tend to think of a parachute that saves the human while the aircraft crashes to the ground below. In this amazing spectacle, we see a parachute deploying for the entire plane, softening its landing as much as could possibly be engineered. Shockingly, a man climbs out, seemingly unscathed. Let's get straight to the video.


Posted by @tech, we see an astonishing clip captured by a passerby that just happened to film the incident in incredible clarity.

"That looks scary and cool as hell," writes commenter @lesserthenever97.

"I have the sudden urge to say, 'Can't park there mate!'" exclaims @gingegonge."

"Survives plane crash then dies when tripped on sidewalk," quips @noel_abey.

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Reader @thelordofnostalgia notes, "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one."

User @crypto_bean13 has a question. "Why don’t commercial planes have parachutes?" 

Well, to diplomatically avoid the obvious, it's a bit hard to extrapolate from a small plane like this to think of what it would take to deploy a parachute to save 200 lives in a massive jet. But this video shows one life saved, and that's pretty impressive in itself.

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