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Check Out This Funny Air Traffic Control Conversation With Pilot During Landing

A stressful job requires a little comic relief.

Everyone has to have a little fun on the job. If it's your responsibility to maintain contact with and direct pilots of commercial airliners then you bear an enormous responsibility for which a bit of levity is certainly warranted.

This video, posted by TikTok user @ah2727, shares a moment of controlled hilarity between Air Traffic Control and a pilot landing a plane.


Air Traffic Control has to apologize for using a simplified version of what he's asking the pilot to do and ends up showing off a bit of unexpected personality in the process. 

"LMAO, nice video!" writes a commenter.

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There are couple more "LMAOs" and "LOLs" in the comments. It seems people are happy to know these folks are having a little fun while navigating complex machinery and huge responsibilities looking out for the safety of travelers.

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