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Nerve-Racking Prank! Man Secretly Gets Pilot License Then Shocks Friend In Plane

"Find a friend that trusts you this much," writes the new pilot.

A man and his friend go to a local airport for a joy ride in a small airplane. The man who set it up tells his friend that they are waiting for the pilot, but actually has secretly got his own pilot license and plans to shock his friend by flying the plane himself. 

Posted by TikTok user @dylanander5on, watch the video below to see what happens, as well as the friend's stunned reaction.


"That's a friend for life right there the way he talks to him," proclaims commenter @tyklabelle.

Reader @vicblends has the headline: "Dedication to the prank," he writes.

"'You're so talented, man. We can do anything,'" quotes @chicken_dinner68. "What a friend!"

User @247basketball sees a future best man toast: "Hell of a story to tell at his wedding," he suggests.

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"Bro was flabbergasted," writes @trevin.b.

"Man, he is ready. That's a real friend, ride or die," says @kimbozsama. "The pilot friend is a real one, too. He wouldn't wish for you to get hurt."

Video watcher @uchiha_sama couldn't help but love "the way he was so positive the entire flight."

"The laugh definitely has an edge," observes @o_shrub.

"You can tell he trusts his friend, LMAO," notes @lifebysamii. "I would have been out of there."

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