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Amazon's Alexa Haunts Kids At Sleepover and Causes Them To Panic

A horror story turns out to be scarier than the kids bargained for.

A group of children are settling in for the night at a sleepover. One of them asks Amazon's Alexa to tell them a bedtime story. Before she is able to begin, a kid suggests that it be a horror story. Alexa proceeds to simply frighten them with a couple lines and a devious laugh. 

Posted by TikTok user @misshaleymichelle, the below video captures what Alexa says and the kids' reaction.


After Alexa said 'it’s behind us' you can’t hear if she says anything else because they’re screaming," comments @TillyLace. "And the one kid seems to keep repeating himself as if he's trying to talk over her? Or just being a scared kid trying to turn it off."

"Broooo, the laugh had me," writes commenter @burbur600.

"So this is what sleepovers are like in 2022," observes @90sbaby2000s_teen.

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"I would never have that in my house. Nope, never!" proclaims @punkskagirl. "I couldn’t hear her. Kids are too loud."

"I couldn’t even watch the TikTok because my Alexa kept going off," writes @punkskagirl.

Reader @nissanoffallon sounds as if she can relate. "I stopped using my Alexa because it kept whispering in the middle of the night," she explains. "Only me and my dogs were in the room. Traumatizing, dude."

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