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Man Goes Viral for Giving Hilarious 'Proof' That Amazon Didn't Deliver His Package

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Few things in modern life are quite as exciting as the anticipation of your Amazon package arriving (for me at least.) The anticipation only builds each time you check the "orders" section of your Amazon Prime account and see the delivery and shipping status updates - it's almost like being a kid at Christmas time again (for me at least) - except you can order and get a new package Every Day of the Year! (Like my Sister does.) 

The flip side of this is when your package doesn't arrive when it's supposed to. It's a real let down (like when you were a kid and didn't get what you wished for from Santa Claus -- Except this is actually worse because you actually paid for both what you ordered and for Amazon to ship it to you.) And it's really frustrating when Amazon asks for "proof" that they failed to deliver your package...

TikTok user @scott.bragg  had a sidesplittingly hilarious response to Amazon's request for proof. (Let's just say I'll be bragging about how funny and satisfying his response was for quite some time. Every time Amazon fails to deliver a package honestly.) 

As @wemo exclaimed, "I can't breath." (I love when something has me laughing that hard, like this video.) While @Kris10 shared their own Amazon failed to deliver my package story, "Amazon told me they left it with the receptionist at the front desk. I live in a house. Alone." (Great job Amazon.) And @Michaela wrote, "They did this to me once. I sent a picture of my empty porch cause idk what they were expecting." 

Even though his package was not delivered, at least he got a viral video (and we all got a good laugh) out of this relatable, frustrating situation.