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Little-Known Amazon Shopping Hack Is a Serious Game-Changer

We honestly had no idea.

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Amazon has become the go-to for so many of our online shopping wants and needs, serving as a direct seller and a platform for many smaller brands and shops. During the holiday season, they take on even more importance as people increasingly avoid malls and crowded stores while preferring to shop online to find the best deals and gifts. The gray Amazon trucks are more prevalent on our roads every day, bringing packages to houses around the clock.

More people arrive home to find those gray pouches in mail boxes and on porches, often tossing them out with the trash after taking out their purchases. Unlike the cardboard boxes that contain some deliveries, these unfortunately cannot be recycled. However, TikTok user @marilyn.2685 shows that some may be better served saving these plastic bags. 

Commenters had their own suggestions from this video. "Did you know you can just go to kohls with no bag and they send it back to Amazon and give you a $5 coupon," noted Tiffany Nicole. James Bouland asked, "Ya mean it'll work after I tear the bag apart after struggling to open it?" "The tape is out so you can just fold it down without flipping. Just put new label over old label," replied Dapper Hustle.

This is a tremendous tip suggested by the video poster, as many people probably struggle with returning packages to Amazon, especially when they use the lockers or other indirect pick-up options. Hopefully this will help reduce waste and improve customer experience for the online sales giant.