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Video of Teacher Helping Older People in 'Getting Started' iPhone Class Is Too Sweet

It's not easy to learn new technology as we age.

How did you learn to use a computer or cell phone for the first time? Most consumers were in school or younger when they first encountered some version of a personal computer, often with Internet access and used them through classes over the years. Even those of us who are old enough to remember simpler cell phones followed the technology developing over the years, buying new models and learning with each new purchase. 

While modern devices have a lot of benefits and can be mastered, it isn't easy for everyone. Senior citizens, many who are dealing with smartphones for the first time, can struggle with reading small text on screens or learning the ways to best utilize these devices. However, TikTok user @carolinekrcelic shows us someone doing a great job teaching the iPhone to new users. 

Commenters absolutely love this instructor's patience and devotion to the older folks learning new technology. Robert Lerone noted, "Aww the way he's walking towards them. He really about his job and help." "Just imaging them doing this to talk with their grandkids more often," remarked Robert. ambergutierrez210 had a look into the future with this video apparently, "Me asking questions in 50 years about my apple brain implant."

I always thought getting high school kids to teach technology literacy to older people, especially those living in senior facilities like retirement homes, would be a great service project. Getting older people to use smart devices not only keep them engaged but it also helps them avoid feeling alienated by an evolving society or disconnected after the losses of loved ones. Hopefully we can see more classes targeted towards their learning styles. 

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