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Impressive Apple 'iPhone' Camera Trick Has Us Blown Away

This is so cool and we can't wait to try it.

Ever stop to think about how much the iPhone has changed our everyday lives? Apple's smartphone revolutionized the cell phone industry and turned a simple communications device into a multifunctional super-tool that handles so many tasks while fitting comfortably in a pocket or purse. Even with many competitors, it continues to challenge the sector and further push our dreams and expectations for personal electronics.

Some of the most prominent innovations on the most recent iterations of the iPhone have to do with the camera. Even professionals in photography and visual fields often use a cell phone camera to shoot images and video, in lieu of a traditional camera (especially if they're journalists in the field). However, the new iPhone has some pretty interesting features that we've never quite seen before, as @imparkerburton has found

This innovation shows the ingenuity used in Apple's development process and the way they like to reward those who will try unorthodox things to get a better experience. Tommy acknowledged, "This right here is the reason Apple is a Trillionaire company, they know how to hook people in for the ecosystem and I respect it." "Me still trying to figure out when I’m actually going to use this feature still loading…" remarked TheKingDom for everyone still trying to wrap their minds around this. Throwobble confessed, "I used to hate apple straight to the core, but after getting a MacBook, I'm really impressed with the ecosystem."

In the ongoing arms race that is cell phone sales, this could be a major salvo for Apple and its carrier partners. This feature could provide a lot of solutions for users and create a variety of opportunities to expand on the iPhone's many capabilities. 

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