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Apple's New iPhone Update Has Women Seriously Concerned

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Abusive relationship are a serious matter. For many women they are a waking nightmare where their emotional, psychological and physical safety is constantly in danger. The internet and cellphones, unfortunately, have only added to this danger. A woman with a controlling, abusive, boyfriend or husband has to worry about what she posts, or texts, and fear how he might react to it. Will he get jealous and be controlling or abusive towards her because she's texting someone else? 

Even in a committed relationship, everyone still has the right to privacy. A boyfriend, husband, or partner should not be going through their girlfriend's or wife's phone without her permission. But abusive, controlling, partners are very likely to do this to see who, and what, she's been texting. Thankfully for women, they have the option of deleting any text messages they don't want anyone (an abusive partner in particular seeing.) What if they're reaching out to family and friends about how bad their situation is? An abusive partner might hurt them if they saw those text messages. 

Unfortunately, Apple's latest iPhone update may have just exacerbated the dangers for women in abusive situations. As TikTok user @rachelhannahh explains.  

That's scary. Just imagine, a simple update allows someone who's abusing you to see something you need to hide from them in order to ensure your own safety. Here's what the internet had to say. 

TiKTok user @LifeisaNightmare! wrote,"Being able to plan and then delete texts with my BFF is what got me out of my abusive relationship. They checked my phone everyday..." To which @rachelhannahh replied, "I f#&*d up & didn't delete one & he found it. That's when the isolation began. I was ready to leave & ended up staying for 9 more months."   

I hope women everywhere see @rachelhannahh's TikTok and don't potentially risk their lives by leaving auto update on on their iPhones.