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This Guy Goes To Bat For Apple's Lightning Cable — And He Might Have A Point

There isn't much of a defense for Apple's insistence on using the Lightning cable anymore, is there?

Ever since the dawn of the easier, more versatile, and more powerful USB-C port standard, Apple fans have been waiting for the iPhone to adopt the new design and drop the Lightning cable.

After all, just about every Android phone has been on USB-C for years, and people are getting tired of carrying around cables for this old port used by nothing else but their phone.

But, there’s one thing that no one is considering when making a defense of the Lightning cable … and it’s a common Apple defense.


Aesthetics — it’s all about the look, sound, and feel. We weren’t lying when we said it was a classic Apple defense.

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But, since this is a silly video anyway, we do think that Carter Smith of CartersPC on TikTok might have a point.

First, here us out: how much does having to keep Lightning cables around actually affect your life? Now, keep that in mind for what we’re about to say next.

But did you hear that snap, though? Seriously, it’s like music to our little techy ears.

OK, we can’t hold up the charade any longer, and the droves of commenters agree: Lightning needs to go. USB-C is better in every way, including charging and data transfer speeds.

Maybe the iPhone 14 is finally the time? We’ll see in September.

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