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Man Gets Unexpected Surprise After Buying 'Apple Time Capsule' at a Thrift Store

He got more than he bargained for.

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Here is some key life advice: Don't donate your old technology to Goodwill for you run the risk of a random person with a TikTok account finding it and spilling your business to the entire Internet. Seriously.

TikTok user @dankeunextgay (Willhelm) bought an Apple Time Capsule for $15 from Goodwill and learned that he received way more than what he bargained for. The contents are truly wild.

That's wild! An Apple Time Capsule, which was discontinued in 2018, is basically a hard drive on steroids. It's meant to back up everything from your Mac. And we mean everything.

In a separate video, Willhelm went over everything he found in the Time Capsule, and it is truly wild.

Willhelm guessed that the previous owner of the Time Capsule was some sort of CEO, or at least just a rich man, who is most likely deceased. He found copies from computers dating back to 2010. And the contents were interesting.

From just a single folder, Willhelm found pictures, credit card information, a bank account number, tax information, life insurance information and, um, some adult entertainment.

"Do not donate your old technology to Goodwill," Willhelm said.

Viewers were just as shook "This is a NIGHTMARE of mine and exactly why I hoard every electronic I’ll ever have," @thugsneedhugstoo said.

In a part 3, Willhelm said he doesn't feel comfortable having the man's information and is trying to find his family so he can return the time capsule. What a fun adventure! We hope he finds the family soon and they can be reunited with memories of their loved one.