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Archie Comics to debut NFT effort with ‘Archieverse: Eclipse Collection’

In partnership with Palm NFT Studio, a plan has emerged for fan-generated stories to “empower fans to author future series.”

Archie Comics and Palm NFT Studio have announced plans to produce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will give fans the opportunity to submit storylines that could be used by the publisher.

The project will be called “Archieverse: Eclipse Collection,” and is scheduled to launch on May 16.

In a tweet, Palm NFT writes, "The Blood Moon Eclipse ushers in a new phase of the Archieverse. Join the @ArchieComics Discord and participate in challenges to collect rewards."

A statement from the company explains, “Marking a major milestone in comic book history, Archie Comics is leveraging the blockchain to empower fans to author future series: incorporating fan-generated art and stories into the Archieverse, and directly rewarding contributors for their creativity.”

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NFTs are stored on a blockchain. Because the tokens are unique, they are different from cryptocurrencies that are fungible.

The company says in a press release, “Priced at $66.66 each and created by Archie Comics, Palm NFT Studio and Archie artists Laura Braga and Vincezo Federici, Archieverse: Eclipse spans 66,666 generative characters and 3,000,000,000 outcomes linked by an ominous prophecy. What happens next is up to fans.”

Archie Comics (IMAGO/Zuma Wire⁠)

Archie Comics (IMAGO/Zuma Wire⁠)

Archie Comics refers to the new project as “radically accessible.”

The approach is referred to as community-driven and an evolution of the Archie brand. According to the official splash page, “Archieverse: Eclipse is the beginning of a new journey into the Archieverse — one that is centered on rewarding your creativity. Will the path be revealed, or will you forge it yourself?”

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