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Crazy Video: Arizona Man In Golf Cart Amazingly Evades Police Car On City Street And People Have Opinions

Is Arizona Man the next Florida Man?

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An evasive maneuver by a man in a golf cart on an Arizona city street leaves a police officer behind his own wheel, lights blaring, without an easy means of pursuit.

Watch it all go down in this hilarious video submitted by TikTok user @tempebarstool.


"Arizona.... We’re the generic off-brand Florida," writes one commenter.

A similar view is expressed in the comments here: "Arizona Man is the wish version of Florida Man."

"Damn, it was even a state trooper," writes one.

One viewer of the video explains, "When you start drinking on hole one in the dry heat."

"A typical day in Tempe," proclaims a commenter.

Two users are not surprised. "If this is exciting, you just haven't lived here long enough," writes one. "Average arizona moment," observes the other.

We just wonder if the evasive maneuver was enough for the guy in the golf cart to get away.

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