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Arnold Schwarzenegger As Kate Winslet In 'Titanic' Is The Funniest Deepfake You'll Ever See

This deepfake had us laughing out loud, so we're sure you'll get a laugh out of it, too.
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We’ve all had enough of the whole “ooh, deepfakes are scary technology” bit. How about we have some serious laughs using deepfakes?

That’s what this glorious TikTok creator decided to do with this immense, artificially intelligent power.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kate Winslet … as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the most iconic scene in “Titanic”.


Posted by a TikToker known as Joe Gaudet, this has to be the funniest use of deepfake technology that we have ever seen. Here’s how the viewers are taking in this deepfake glory.

“The seriousness of his gaze at the end hahahaha,” one viewer said.

“This feels so wrong and yet so right at the same time....a true masterpiece,” another view correctly stated.

“The internet didn't want this,” another viewer commented. “It needed this.”

And finally, a widely shared fear, “This better not awaken anything in me…”

See? Deepfake technology doesn’t always have to be some scary implication for the future of contemporary society … sometimes it can be really funny.

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