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Videographer Shares Moments He Recorded 'When Life Felt Unreal' and Viewers Love It

"This is the life I want," writes a viewer of the video.

A photographer assembles some fabulous footage of scenes combining nature with the human journey. The result is a brief but inspiring compilation of fascinating moving pictures. Check out the video below to experience some snippets of these amazing moments.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @p_shep1, the clip has encouraged a number of comments.

"This is the life I want," writes commenter @antocls_photo.

"I love this trend," says @grandmaster.m21.

"I felt a whole another kind of experience," confesses @juliahstyle.

"The first one is definitely an unreal feel," notes @adammullis83. "By the way, all the photos are."

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"Where is that forest?" asks @ug_gene. "My God, it looks like a fantasy world."

"I want this life more than anything I've ever wanted," remarks @lvcid_dreams.

"I wish I had this quality for my hiking videos I have done over the years," says @trixy_fpv. "Amazing."

We agree. We'd like to thank @p_shep1 for sharing these wonderful shots. And we hope readers of this space find content such as this as inspirational as we do.

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