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Artificial Intelligence Video Shows How To Create Images Of People Who Are Not Real

The images look like people that seemingly exist, but they are only fabrications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming more advanced, as well as becoming easier for the layperson to access. This Website is such an example. A user can access AI-generated images of the likenesses of nonexistent people and manipulate them.

Posted by TikTok user @setupspawn, check out what the Website is and how it works in this video.


"Well, here I go, catching feelings for another person that doesn't exist," writes commenter @simonlegall42.

User @atbyte05 says, "OK, he's gonna murder me."

"It's fun and games until you find yourself," quips @pitaj_kevu.

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"I mean, you can say they don't exist," suggests @tharbiskahn, "but they could just be pulling random pictures of real people and I would never know the difference."

"And they all look familiar," admits @yepthatsmee_.

"Oh yes," writes @reddead295. "I have one of my profile pics on Facebook from there."

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