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Auburn University in Alabama Just Banned TikTok

Something tells us other schools will follow suit.

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TikTok has stirred a lot of worldwide controversies since it rose to popularity a few years ago. An app that was originally intended for dance videos has now become a platform for discussing news, politics, books, world events and so much more.

Its wild popularity got the app banned in many countries and regions including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan and more. Now some places in the United States are implementing their own bans.

@cbseveningnews shared a news segment on TikTok discussing how the app is now banned at Auburn University in Alabama.

As reported in the video, TikTok is now banned on campus wifi and school devices, similar to the efforts of other states who want the platform banned on government devices and networks. The reason for the ban is attributed to the fear of users' data being obtained by the Chinese government.

TikTok viewers had a lot of opinions about this new ban. "We need this app. This app makes us love, and think. It makes us laugh," @jessicatemple236 said. "If I’m paying that much for a university as a grown adult, there’s no way in hell they’re monitoring what I do on my phone," @jacklane490 said. "Just hop off the school wifi if you want to use it," @thenitgobr suggested.

Some commentators also pointed out that American-based companies already gather and sell our data, and the most incriminating thing the Chinese government could find is that they enjoy cat videos.

But it's clear that politicians are still apprehensive about this app and we can probably expect more bans in the future.