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Man Gives Tour of Very First Automated 'McDonald's' Restaurant

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There's long been talk of what technological innovation means for the future of the workforce. Some might feel anxiety at the thought (and pending reality) of their contributions to the workforce being replaced by technology, while others might rejoice at not having to work anymore. But regardless of which side you fall on in this debate, there's no denying how rapidly technology is advancing and impacting just about every industry on the planet.

That includes the fast food industry, which might be getting even faster (or at least less human.) As TikTok user @kaansanity's video shows, this ain't your daddy's McDonalds no more... 

While a robot deliverying my food to me on a tray is certainly intriguing, what's to stop someone from taking the wrong food off the tray? If that happens what's the robot going to do to stop them? (As a side note, when I worked at BevMo, we had a robot like that that would go around the store to help people find stuff. We ended up never using it because it didn't actually know how the find the things people asked for.)    

TikTok user @ConnieDale reacted, "Noooo WAAAAYY - I'd rather communicate with PEOPLE." While user @sumeshanmarimuthu expanded on this with a humorous touch, writing, "No, who am I going to flirt with to get free jalapeno sauce?" While user @andrewperez remarked, "Anything to not pay people." But @user1476159969955 argued, "People are probably still making the food. They probably just don't have to deal with people anymore." While user @katherine joked, "...Who are all the Karens going to argue with when the order's messed up?" 

What do you think, do you want to go to an automated McDonalds? Or do you want people serving and making you your food?