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People Are Having Mixed Reactions to Woman's Hack For Fixing a 'Car Boo-Boo'

A Honda Civic Si gets some unusual auto first aid.

A woman's pretty pink Honda Civic Si has some paint ripping off its front side bumper lip. The task, she seems to figure, is to find a way to stop it from ripping even further and to decorate it at the same time. She comes up with an inventive solution that has people talking.

Posted to TikTok by user @chantyfs, check out the video below to see what it is. 


"I don't even know what happened because the sticker did such a good job," writes commenter @pichi0x.

"OMG, I love your car!" exclaims @fortniteballz0.

Viewer of the video @postmalone2212 agrees, saying, "This is the prettiest SI I have ever seen."

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"Dope! Please, please, tell me where you get those stickers!" pleads @rawrsxdc5. "I get a lot of mine from shows and random sites but I've never seen the Pink, Kawaii or Kirby ones!"

"It's so cute," fawns @iamkatelynr. "It's like a band-aid."

"If we drive a car together can it be pink with heart taillights?" asks @jocy.711.

"I'm glad that you used a lighter to make the sticker stronger," writes @riksalisti. "Want to marry me?"

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