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Bareerah Zafar


News Writer, TurboFuture

Bareerah Zafar is a Southern California-based journalist covering lifestyle, culture and career for a multitude of brands and audiences.


  • Bareerah's work from her three years of professional experience revolves around empowering women of color and other marginalized communities through storytelling.
  • As the social media manager of SheMade Digital, she works to provide resources for multicultural Gen Z women to aid in their personal, professional and financial growth.

  • As someone who didn't have many resources growing up, Bareerah aims to change that for future generations by providing quality educational content to help close any systematic social gaps.

  • Her previous work includes interviews and features with women of color, millennial CEOs and others doing phenomenal work in their field. She hopes their stories inspire women to break barriers and achieve their full potential.

  • Bareerah has previously written for Her Agenda, Prism Reports, Fodor's Travel and more.


The University of Oregon, Class of 2020
Journalism, BA


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