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Bicycle Race Wipeout! Video Shows Clueless Woman Crossing Street At Wrong Time

Did she not even know there was a race going on?

Ouch, that looked like it hurt. But we really must ask why. This woman tried to cross the street during the middle of a bicycle race and didn't bother to consider the danger involved. 

The result is an astounding example of poor judgment. It's hard to even imagine what the cyclist went through in one second of incredulity. You will have to watch this video provided by TikTok user @overtime.


"I hope she’s okay," says one commenter. "I hope she isn't ok," counters another.

One has a different take entirely: "Is the floor okay???"

A viewer of the video notices a nuance. "Her phone sent to space."

"It’s just a little scrape," writes a commenter with irony or optimism, depending on your point of view.

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One says, "I feel like she did that on purpose."

"He was wearing a helmet so he should be ok," says a hopeful commenter. Sheesh.

And this reader expresses a bit of remorse for finding it funny. "I'm going to Hell for laughing but she literally looked right at him and still walked out."

We hope everyone is all right after this unfortunate incident. But we're still wondering how someone could be so completely oblivious to their surroundings.

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