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A Graphic Designer's Eyes Are Sensitive to Computer Light And She Shares Her Hacks That Help

She sits in front of a computer screen for hours at a time even though her eyes are bothered by the blue light. But with these tips she sees her way through.

Many professionals spend each workday at their desks, eyes fixated on computers. For some, it's simply all in a day's work.

But for those with eyes sensitive to high-energy visible light, also known as blue light, this can be a serious problem. The blue light has been linked to headaches, loss of sleep and even retina problems.

TikTok user @mariah_althoff is a graphic designer who says her "eyeballs are super sensitive to blue light," but that she has discovered some great ways to cope. Graciously, she shares some tips with us in this video. And for those with an eye for fashion, you will want to get a look at her glasses.

For one, she recommends blue light glasses. In the video, she acknowledges the glasses she is wearing and says, "These are from Felix Gray. They have so many cute styles I couldn't even just pick one."

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She also suggests getting an app like Iris on your computer to put a red overlay over your screen.

For your phone, @mariah_althoff advises setting it to dark mode, turning the brightness all the way down, and putting a red overlay over that screen, too.

If you are one of the lucky folks that aren't bothered by blue light, then great. But if your eyes are sensitive to it, try following these tips and we hope it helps.

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