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Parody of Boomer Mom Commenting on Every Facebook Post Is Spot-On

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Don't parents just do the darnedest things on the internet? They certainly do, especially the Boomers. To be fair though, it's not just the Boomers, as many people born in the pre-Millennial generations seem to struggle grasping how social media actually works. They didn't grow up with anything like it (modern social media is a far cry from what the early days of email looked like), making this the defining generation gap of our time. Fortunately, for all the Millennials out there, it's given you some pretty funny moments.       

It's also the basis for TikTok user @callmekristenmarie's hilarious video. Check it out below...

Here's what the internet had to say about this...

Seems that several commenters have had an experience with a Boomer parent that's not unlike the parody above. With TikTok user @gracetrainor joking, "It's like they think everyone on Facebook is always talking directly to them." With TikTok user @SaraMooreGruver adding, "I finally had to explain to my mom that FB statues on her feed were not DMs to her." With TikTok user @getsteady adding to the comment, "Do you think when they log in, they give a big sigh at all the stuff they have to respond to? Like when we start work?" 

TikTok user @j added another example of pre-Millennial generations not understanding how social media works, "Or the ones who think every fan page is really the celebrity or that celebrities will actually answer them LMAO." With user @taren138 citing an example of one of their parents doing exactly that, "Yes! My mom swears she FaceTimed with Barry Manilow because she 'met' him on TikTok." With user @MelissaAnn sharing, "My grandpa always says 'so and so messaged me out of the blue about this random thing' he's just scrolling the newsfeed."  

What about you? Do you have any funny stories about a Boomer parent not understanding how social media works?