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Girlfriend Has a Field Day After Boyfriend Accidentally Leaves His Laptop Open

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Trust might just be the most important component of any relationship. Whether it's a casual friendship or a serious romantic relationship, do you really want someone in your life that you can't trust, or who doesn't trust you? When you consider the time and effort it takes to build trust with someone, and how quickly momentary acts, like invading someone's privacy or cheating, can undermine, or even eradicate, trust - any act that enhances or diminishes trust is not to be taken lightly...      

Which is exactly what this latest edition of "Modern Life Getting Filtered Through the Internet" has brought us dear readers. For hell hath no fury like a Girlfriend going through her Boyfriend's text messages. (God, do I LOVE being in my 30's and feeling like I'm still in high school. That's gotta be an official unofficial Millennial pastime by now.) 

Now without further ado, I present TikTok user @henricksorem going through her Boyfriend's text messages. (Don't worry, hilarity will ensue.) 

And of course, the internet had a thing or two to say about this...

@Kayla posted, "Why's no one talking about the BOAT of a bowl she has." (Good point, that is a comically large bowl of soup.) However, @MariahCaitlin caught on "I would be ALL over that (the texts and soup.)" (Especially if it's good soup, and it better be especially good soup in a bowl that size - Otherwise who the hell is actually going to eat all that?) Not everyone was so taken in with the soup though, @latinpuppet1 commented "Bro, reading all his text messages from that far back. Idk man, that's a red flag." (Good point, I'd almost lost sight of it though, the soup (bowl) is just so distracting, and funny.)