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Car Alarm Completely Shocks Dog And Woman And the Funny Moment Is On Video

The man remains extraordinarily calm by comparison.

We're not sure who was freaked out more, the dog or the woman. But in what looks to be an otherwise quiet neighborhood, a security cam video captures a man, woman and a dog wandering out of the house. An unsuspecting two of the three were not prepared for the thunderingly strident roar of the SUV's car alarm, just as they move to open the car doors and encourage the dog to jump in.

The result, posted by TikTok user @simplyyycheyenne, is a few hilarious seconds of human and canine reaction, and you'll understand why people can relate.


"Dog kicked it into 4x4 and was out," writes commenter @dorkroam.

User @zombi1267 says, "Not just you and the dog but the entire neighborhood got scared."

Viewer of the video @dylan_lee7 imagines this conversation. Me: "Yeah I can’t fnd my car in the parking garage." Airport man: "Have you tried the alarm button?" Me: "No, you don’t want me to do that."

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"He's looking for his soul that left his body." comments @josephcmilesjr, apparently referring to the dog.

This is the worst thing," remarks @mariawall22. "I did that when I moved into my condo and I couldn't figure out how to shut it off. I almost died of embarrassment."

"I'm sure your neighbors love you," surmises @badazzpapi09.

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