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Man Attempts To Tow Car And Fails Epically In This Hilarious Video That Has People Talking

He perhaps should start a bit slowly before gunning it.

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Sometimes it's necessary to help out a friend who needs a bit of assistance. But you might consider whether you really want to incur some damage in your part of the process. 

In this video submitted by @failarmy, we see a solid example of what happens when you don't think things through. The outcome here is not to be missed and has people talking.


One commenter offers a bit of advice: "I mean, why would you be going that fast? Slow and steady, dude."

"Tell me you don't know how to tow without telling me," writes a viewer of the video.

More advice: "Attach to the frame."

Another commenter wonders, "Why do they always let the guy who has no idea what he’s doing try and pull the stuck car out?"

Exclamation: "Oh no, our bumper! It’s broken!"

"Not the sharpest knife in the block," says one.

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