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Cyclist Blocks Lamborghini On Small London Street and Ignites Cars Vs. Bikes Debate

"This is why car guys hate cyclists," writes the creator of the video.

A black Lamborghini is slowly navigating a small urban street in London, when a man on a bicycle pulls in front of the luxury car. The cyclist rides slowly in front of the vehicle, prompting the Lamborghini driver to rev its engine. And when that engine revs, it does not do it quietly. This prompts a predictable clash of egos, and stimulates a bit of controversy over cars vs. bikes on city streets.

Posted to TikTok by user @ogcarhub01, watch the video below to see the incident and decide what you think.


"That cyclist wasn't using the road properly," writes commenter @dsfgrr. "Either stick to a cycle lane if there is one, or keep to the side of your lane to allow cars to pass."

User @bull3tzz agrees. "No need for a bicycle to be in the middle of the road," she says.

"Even the car sounds angry," observes @finnaruba.

"I like that cyclist," remarks @home_tarkastaja. "Car guys don't understand that there are speed limits."

Concurring with this opinion is @fishyfishyfishy22. "I'm team cyclist for once," he writes.

"That car sounds amazing," notes @__bruh_girl__, seeming more interested in the awesome car than the controversy.

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"The car is screaming, 'mooooove!'" writes @baddoo1.

"That's not a cyclist," asserts @abs911, "That's an activist."

"They're supposed to be on one side of the road," writes @analfumes, "not in the dead center."

"Cyclist is in the right here," says @didriklundsten. "It looks to be a densely populated area. No place for cars to drive, especially loud cars."

"I'm a cyclist too, but come on, man," writes @yuma_senpai. "One bike doesn't need the whole road."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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